Best crystals during Pisces season

From February 18 to March 20 the sun is in Pisces. This sun sign is ruled by the planet Neptune and symbolised by two fishes swimming in different directions – believed to represent their duality. Those born under Pisces are known to be artistic, idealistic and intuitive individuals

As with all water signs, Pisces is driven by emotions. They are natural empaths who care deeply for others and the world around them. They are very intuitive and have the ability to sense what other people truly feel. Pisces are kindred spirits who radiate a warmth and kindness. Their sympathetic, non-judgmental nature makes them great listeners, supportive friends and excellent caregivers – it’s easy to open up to a Pisces.

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Pisces are also idealistic dreamers who dance along the border of imagination and reality. Ruled by Neptune, the planet that governs illusions, romanticism and dreams – it’s no coincidence this sun sign has a reputation as being dreamy and lost in the clouds. Pisces are artistic, creative and have wild imaginations. Despite their dreamy disposition, Pisces can be logical, perceptive and devoted. They have the ability to accomplish things very quickly when they set their mind to it. Like their symbol, Pisces are fluid and understand how to flow with the current. They adapt to any environment and are extremely helpful and self-sacrificing when needed. 

Although Pisces deeply caring nature is loved and appreciated by others – it can be their curse. Since they care so much they often become overwhelmed by the world’s problems and other people’s emotions. When out of balance Pisces can be over sensitive, depressive and dependent on others. They will overthink, wallow in self-pity or overindulge as a way of escapism. Pisces also lack boundaries and may be submissive out of fear of hurting other people’s feelings. This, sadly, can be taken advantage of by other less selfless signs.

Pisces season

During Pisces season we may feel a deeper connection with our spirituality, dreams and realms beyond the physical dimension. Imagination and intuition are heightened. Pisces season being the last sign of the zodiac cycle may call you to engage in deep introspection and look back on your experience this last year. It’s a potent time to contemplate, reflect, heal and let go so that you’re ready for a new zodiac cycle once Pisces season ends.

Here are five crystals that can help you harness the positive energies and work with any challenges that Pisces energy may bring out this season. 


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A traditional birthstone for those born in February, Amethyst has a deep connection to Pisces. This peaceful stone is all about intuition, balance and serenity. Amethyst is loved for its power to dispel negativity and infuse its surroundings with peaceful, zen vibes. Its calming vibration releases stress, soothes turbulent emotions and clears an overactive mind. Strongly connected to the third eye and crown chakras, amethyst is believed to develop spiritual wisdom, enhance creativity and encourage self-reflection. It is often referred to as the sobriety stone. Thanks to its purifying properties – it’ll push you to purge any negative attachments, bad habits, addictions or overindulgences that disrupt your wellbeing. Amethyst is one of the best stones to support the sensitive Pisces. From energy vampires and toxicity that greatly affect them. Since Pisces have a tendency to overindulge when they’re feeling down, the sobering qualities of amethyst can offer stability and balance.

Smoky quartz

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Smoky quartz is a variety of quartz and one of the most powerful tools for energy transmutation. Its grounding and purifying vibration swiftly moves any negative vibrations out of your energetic field and down to the ground where it is neutralised by mother earth. This stabilising stone strengthens emotional resilience when you’re experiencing overwhelming stress and will teach you how to  self-regulate and decompress. It asks you to let go of anything that’s useful for you, especially feelings of anger, jealousy or resentment. As a powerful root chakra healing stone, smoky quartz encourages you to reclaim your power and strengthens your sense of belonging and purpose. An effective neutraliser of negativity, smoky quartz transmutes harmful EMF pollution from electronic devices and keeps your space energetically clean. This stone brings grounding to Pisces and builds their emotional resilience. Especially when they are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

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Aquamarine is one of the primary stones for Pisces and the traditional birthstone for March. Known as a stone of courage, harmony and truth, it connects us with divine wisdom and warrior energy. Aquamarine helps you recognise your inner power and see your strength, especially in times of fear. Its empowering and truth enhancing properties bring to light harsh truths and assist you to break out of mindless routines, fear-based thinking or destructive patterns that inhibit your growth.

This water element stone infuses the mind with youthfulness, playfulness and inspires you to go with the flow. It opens the throat chakra allowing you to express yourself authentically. If you struggle with expressing yourself clearly or want to develop confidence in speaking, aquamarine can help. As such, Aquamarine is one of the best stones for Pisces as it helps them speak out when they lack boundaries or shy away from speaking up. 


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Bloodstone is from the chalcedony family and a combination of green chalcedony and red jasper. This earthy green stone with spots of red has long been treasured as a talisman for good health, fortune and protection. Its revitalising energy brings courage, determination and motivation especially in difficult times or adversity. It offers grounding, reduces irritability or aggressiveness so you can stay balanced during stressful times. Bloodstone will remove blocks that keep you stuck and show a clear path forward. It’ll motivate you to keep going, encourage persistence, self-sufficiency and inspire wise decision-making along the way. Physically, it’s believed to increase endurance, boost the immune system and eliminate toxins from the body. Bloodstone keeps the dreamy Pisces grounded to earth and teaches this selfless sign to make time to take care of themselves as well as others.

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a calming stone that inspires understanding, trustworthiness and communication. As a powerful throat healer, this pale blue stone supports healthy communication. Especially if you struggle to express our emotions or are afraid to speak the truth. It will boost your confidence when speaking and help you speak without judgement or over-emotionalism. Blue lace agate inspires insight, wisdom, patience and understanding. Its energies bring to light truth around matters of the heart and helps us focus on what matters the most. Blue lace also strengthens communication with our guardian angels, spirit guides so we can receive guidance and clarity. 

Blue lace agate helps the shy Pisces to speak up and also enhances their intuitive, often psychic, abilities. 

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Disclaimer: Crystals and crystal healing are meant only to complement other therapies and support our overall well-being. Crystals should not be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare professional.

Vanessa Hui is a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and founder of Hong Kong-based The Crystal Van. Follow them on Instagram @thecrystalvan

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