Samsung launches new AI TV series in Hong Kong

Samsung ushers into a new era of AI television in 2024, launching its revolutionary AI TV series in Hong Kong

Samsung Electronics is marking an 18-year streak as the number one in the global TV industry. Market research firm, Omdia, reported that Samsung has achieved a 30.1 per cent share of the global TV market in 2023. This success is largely attributed to the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and addressing specific user needs, particularly in the premium, large-screen, QLED, and OLED TV categories.

An AI TV revolution

At the recent CES 2024 conference in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced the groundbreaking NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, heralding the start of the AI Screen Era. The advancement in state-of-the-art chipsets and capabilities redefine the smart TV domain, integrating sophisticated AI powered by Tizen OS to establish AI screens as center of the smart home innovation. 

With breakthroughs in processor technology and the introduction of cutting-edge AI features, Samsung is on course to further transform home entertainment and set new benchmarks in the TV industry.

The 2024 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs represent a groundbreaking leap in visual and auditory excellence, with pioneering AI security enhancements via Samsung Knox. This innovative design transcends traditional boundaries of smart display technology, embodying the limitless potential of personal lifestyle.

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