We are more than just a pretty face, the rest of our body deserves as much pampering. Check out our Best in Category!

Hand Cream

Power Infusing Hand Cream

Powered by imugeneration red – a multipurpose system that works simultaneously to boost your skin’s defences and promote blood circulation for a smoother finish – and Multi-Defense Shield’s unique cocktail of adhesive and dry oils, this quick-absorbing formula moisturises and protects the skin from external damage to promote smoother, more hydrated hands.

Body Lotion

Forest Awakening Hinoki Body Milk

Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, is proven to boost immune function, decrease stress, improve sleep and lower blood pressure. But if you can’t access a Japanese forest, this lightweight lotion is the next best thing. Infused with naturally healing phytoncides as well as proven skincare ingredients, it renews and replenishes dry skin while promoting relaxation.

Body Wash

L’eau Serge Lutens Hand and Body Cleansing Gel

Inspiring a return to our roots and an awakening of the senses, this understated, stripped-down body wash offers a lasting feeling of purity and freshness. The enveloping lather – which echoes the notes of Lutens’s original and modern Parole d’Eau perfume – ensures a moment of serenity while leaving the skin delicately scented for the rest of the day.


Nº.3 Hair Perfector

Already a certified cult and celebrity favourite, this patented, at-home bond multiplier rebuilds the hair internally by re-linking broken disulfide bonds back together again. Not only is it perfectly suited to any hair type from straight to curly and healthy to compromised, the haircare routine staple is the perfect travel companion for more manageable, wearable hair.

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