Who doesn’t love a great beauty gadget to get lasting results? Here are two we love that are perfect for home use. Check out our Best in Category!

Beauty Device

AGE-R Derma EMS Shot

Based on the effects of acupressure massages, this V-shaped derma roller-like device stimulates the sub-dermal muscles with non-invasive electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to improve the facial contour and appearance of lines. Equipped with three modes – Up, Slim and Body – it allows users to customise their therapy to their individual needs and preferences.

“Just little zings of vibration and it helps to depuff and sculpt my face in the morning after a long night” – Fish Liew


Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

Using infrared and red-light wavelengths, which work below the skin’s surface to stimulate the natural rejuvenation process, this innovative mask creates a glowing and healthier-looking complexion with just 10 minutes per use. The fully flexible mask allows ensures that the maximum amount of light hits the lower layers of the skin, delivering both instant and long-term results.

“This feels like a high-tech spa treatment, so I love that I can do at home. Even better, it’s pain-free and I can see results right away!” – Fish Liew