5 things to know about the nation’s “first love” Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy, better known as the nation’s “first love” – after an acting role where she plays everyone’s first love in the movie Architecture 101 – is known for her talented act in numerous K-dramas, including Start-Up, Uncontrollably Fond, Anna and more. As the star turns 28 on October 10, we look at five things you might not already know about this talented star

She was street-casted

Photo: @skuukzky | Instagram

Many K-pop entertainment agencies, including majors of SM, JYP, YG, and HYBE, open monthly auditions to select trainees for future K-pop idols. This is the most typical route K-pop idols take to enter the industry. However, Bae’s was different. She was street-casted on her way to the Superstar K audition, a Korean music audition TV programme.

Recruiting staff at JYP entertainment, Bae’s first management agency, found her pure and elegant looks appealing and invited her to a casting. During Bae’s interview with MBC’s Section TV, she said the recruiting staff could perfectly picture her success as a K-Pop idol just by looking at her once.

She is a singer-turned-actress

수지 미니 2집 'Faces of Love' 고화질 티저 사진
Photo: JYP Entertainment

Though Bae is renowned for her talented acting skills, she debuted as a member of the K-pop girl band Miss A, which disbanded in 2017. She was applauded for her deep and smooth vocals as the main vocalist.

She launched her acting career with her debut K-drama Dream High, which became an international hit. Cast as Go Hyemi – a high school student and aspiring opera singer who struggled to pay off her father’s debt to a gangster – Bae showed an impressive emotional side to Hyemi’s hopeless life. From the actress’s debut, she moved on to the agency Management Soop after Miss A disbanded in 2017.

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Extraordinary love in instant noodles

Photo: @skuukzky | Instagram

If Bae can only eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be instant noodles. A video of her discussing her top five favourite foods reveals a preference for spicy seafood noodles.

On the Korean talk show Healing Camp, Bae shared her unique morning routine of eating instant noodles. “I eat instant noodles every week, especially in the mornings. If I have to go out at 6 am, I wake up at 5 am to eat the noodles before I leave.” Moreover, Bae commented on how she aspires to cultivate the same appeal as instant noodles – once you get your first taste, you’ll never stop wanting more.

Face of many luxury brands

Photo: @skuukzky | Instagram

Becoming a brand ambassador is an all-time dream for celebrities. As spokespeople, they are responsible for representing the brand’s message and identity and delivering awareness in a positive light.

Bae is a favourite of many luxury brands, including Christian Dior, Longines, Guess, Lancôme, and K2. Christian Dior products worn by her are often sold out the next day.

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She likes to travel

Photo: @skuukzky | Instagram

If you follow her on Instagram, it won’t be a surprise to learn that she loves to travel. From time to time, the star shares her travel photos with fans on social media.

The celebrity’s love of travel was also revealed in a new YouTube channel, Suzy. Bae uploaded a three-minute travel vlog as the first video on her channel. The video captured moments in Malmö, Sweden.

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