5 Netflix shows to watch in September

The month of September is full of thrilling shows that you must not miss. From suspense thriller limited series Devil in Ohio to the adult animated music streaming television series Entergalactic, here is a list of 5 Netflix shows to keep an eye on

1. Devil in Ohio

What is 'Devil in Ohio'? Watch New Netflix Teaser Here - Netflix Tudum
Photo: Netflix

Good news to the long-waited thriller series fans! Netflix has announced its new thriller show Devil in Ohio to be premiered on September 2nd. The show is a limited series that adapts the original novel of the same name by award-winning author, Daria Polatin. The show is based on a true story from the Buckeye State. Bones actress, Emily Deschanel, takes the leading role of Suzanne with Big Eyes actress, Madeleine Arthur, taking the part of a young patient.

The show contains eight episodes depicting the story of psychiatrist, Suzanne Mathis, who is determined to protect a young patient named Mae, who escaped from a mysterious, sinister cult.

2. The Imperfects

The Imperfects Trailer: Netflix's New Coming Of Rage Story
Photo: Netflix

Can you imagine yourself becoming a monster after undergoing an experiment? What would you do? This is the question posed by three young adults who embark on the quest to find the scientist responsible for their changes in the new sci-fi series The Imperfects. Coming to Netflix on September 8.

Who Killed Sara actor Iñaki Godoy, The Orchard actress Morgan Taylor Campbell, and Charmed star Rhianna Jagpal are cast in the roles of the three twenty-something-year-olds. They band together in finding answers to their predicament with the hopes to turn back into humans again. Will this trio succeed?

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3. Heartbreak High 

heartbreak high netflix september 2022
Photo: Netflix

Are there any fans of Australian teen drama Heartbreak High here? After 23 years, a reboot of the beloved drama is promised by Netflix to be launched on September 14. The show consists of eight episodes with a brand new generation of actors taking the stage at Hartley High. The cast includes Australian musician Ayesha Madon, award-winning actress Chloe Hayden, The 100 actor Will McDonald and more.

The series is set at a Sydney-based school, Hartley High, where Australian teenagers are undergoing their high-octane times. Student Amerie faces an unwanted disclosure of a secret map that charts all the hook-ups of Hartley High, which made her into the school pariah. Amerie with her two outsider friends, Quinni and Darren, tries her best to bring back her reputation while going through love, sex, and heartbreak moments.

4. A Jazzman’s Blues

a jazzmans blues netflix september 2022
Photo: Netflix

Tyler Perry’s forbidden love drama of Bayou and Leanne, A Jazzman’s Blues, comes to Netflix on September 23. The story is set in the 1940s in the Deep South where two lovers must keep their relationship a secret. But there is more behind the relationship than it seems.

“That was our first kiss. Ain’t nothing felt that good in all my life. You asked me not to tell nobody, but I sure wanted the world to know.” The main character’s narration in the trailer announces the heartbreaking love story between Bayou and Leanne. 40 years of lies against a soundtrack of juke joint blues is about to be unravelled.

Premature actor Joshua Boone assumes the role of Bayou, with West Side Story actress Solea Pfeiffer starring as his lover Leanne.

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5. Entergalactic

entergalactic netflix series september 2022
Photo: Netflix

The adult animated music streaming television series Entergalactic is scheduled for its Netflix premiere on September 30. The animation project was created by American rapper Kid Cudi along with Kenya Barris, Ian Edelman and more.

The animation tells the story of a streetwear-clad artist named, Jabari, who is trying to find a balance between love and a successful career in New York. He meets and falls in love with his new neighbour photographer it-girl, Meadow, in a new apartment complex he moved into. The series delivers a combination of art, music, fashion and human stories that will surely delight us.

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