Crystals to optimise home or office work space

Whether you work from home or have returned to the office, there are crystals helping you improve the energy of your space. The Crystal Van founder, Vanessa Hui, recommends five crystals to increase productivity and achieve goals

As more of us create dedicated workspaces where we live it can be challenging to be productive and efficient. While in office environments there will always be distractions – tensions in the air, office politics or nearby conversations, working from home presents its own set of challenges. Time-management, over-working, under-working, family commitments, loneliness, keeping structure or staying motivated are just some of the issues that can disrupt our focus and hinder our productivity. 

Whether you’re working in the office or from home, it’s important to optimise the energy of your working space wherever that may be. Crystals are a great way to keep your work environment energetically clear and support you with optimism and productivity. They can support you with protective energy, focus-enhancing energy, creative energy or wealth attracting energy and can be great reminders to reach your goals or manifest your intentions. 

Here are some of the best crystals to support you in your workspace. 

Fluorite – for focus & productivity

Photo: The Crystal Van

When distractions arise, reach for fluorite. Known as the genius stone, rainbow fluorite is an excellent ally for study, work and general productivity. It filters out distractions and keeps you focused on the tasks at hand. It’s grounding and harmonising energy clears mental clutter, promotes quick-thinking and helps you organise your thoughts so you can be more productive. Rainbow fluorite also has protective properties to sharpen your awareness of negative influences or distractions around you. It draws out low vibrations such as self-doubt or limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. This rejuvenating stone works with all of the chakras in the energetic body to bring balance for the mind, body and spirit. Keep a piece of fluorite at your desk, especially if you get distracted easily.

Blue Apatite – to stop procrastination  

Known as a stone of willpower, knowledge and discipline, blue apatite helps you beat procrastination, stay motivated and be more productive at work. This third-eye chakra activating stone is believed to improve creative problem-solving, clear confusion and expand one’s knowledge. Its energies teach us commitment, moderation and discipline so you can create healthy habits in line with achieving your goals. When working from home or remotely, it can be challenging to structure our work schedules outside of the office environment. Over-working or under-working is easy to do when you’re left to your own devices. Reach for blue apatite when you need a dose of discipline or want to strike a healthy work life balance. Keep it on your desk within vision to remind you throughout the day to stay on schedule. 

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Pyrite for money goals

Photo: The Crystal Van

Pyrite is an excellent stone for manifesting wealth or attracting new opportunities into your life. 

By arming you with the right mindset (one of abundance, plentitude and optimism) you are energetically more likely to attract wealth compared to manifesting from a mindset of lack. This golden shimmery stone supercharges the solar plexus chakra to bring feelings of confidence, personal power and boldness. It taps into our ability to make wise decisions and encourages the persistence to carry things through to completion. Pyrite is also a powerful protector. It allows us to see what’s beyond the facade giving us insight into what lies beyond words and actions, so we can shield ourselves from negative energies, emotional attack and toxic situations or people that pull you away fro your wealth goals.  Place it in the far left corner of your desk (known as the wealth corner) to help you call in abundance. If you’re feeling low on energy try holding pyrite and picture golden rays of light expanding from the stone and covering your aura with its empowering energies. 

Chrysocolla – for artistic expression and confident communication

Photo: The Crystal Van

Chrysocolla is a stone of communication and truth.This peaceful stone supports listening and speaking, inspiring us to be expressive and genuine, helping our words flow and deepening our understanding of others. Chrysocolla harmonises the throat and heart chakras helping us speak our truth from the heart and ‘talk through’ anything, especially troubling emotions or difficult conversations. It shows us the power of our words and actions and asks us to align what we feel and what we say. Chrysocolla is useful for emotional bonding, socialising or debating as it inspires confident communication, compassion and honesty. Use it to strengthen your social skills when making new connections, public speaking or presenting – it will provide stability and fearlessness when you speak. If you’re a writer, artist or singer chrysocolla can help you to express yourself freely and break writer’s block. Wearing it close to the throat and heart chakras to optimise its energy or hold it when you are on important calls or presentations. 

Shungite – for blocking EMF radiation

Shungite is an ancient stone believed to be over 2 billion years old formed when there was no life on earth. One of the most rare crystals found on this planet, shungite is a powerful and potent stone for grounding and detoxification. Shungite is helpful for your working environment especially if you work with anything online related. This rare mineral is scientifically proven to absorb and neutralise electromagnetic frequencies from electronic devices (computers, cellular towers, WiFi routers and mobile phones). Its detoxifying properties shield the auric field countering any stress these electrical devices cause to the energetic body. Shungite contains up to 98 per cent carbon c60 fullerene molecules, a molecule known to purify water. It encourages us to release unhealthy attachments to our electronics, grounding us back into what’s important. Shungite heals all of the chakras in the body, especially the root chakra to bring balance and centered-ness. Place a piece of shungite next to your laptop or phone while you work – its neutralising properties will absorb EMF pollution that may be disrupting your own energetic field. 

Disclaimer: Crystals and crystal healing are meant only to complement other therapies and support our overall well-being. Crystals should not be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed health care professional. 

Vanessa Hui is a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and founder of Hong Kong-based The Crystal Van. Follow them on Instagram @thecrystalvan

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