Exclusive: K-pop band WEi releases 4th EP album ‘Love Pt.1 : First Love’

After captivating fans with their first musical series, “Identity”, WEi returns with a second series production titled “Love”. Ha Rin Choi speaks to the six-member team in a Hong Kong exclusive on their journey and releasing a new musical series

From left – Jang Dae-hyun, Kim Dong Han, Yoo Yong-ha, Kim Yo-han, Kang Seok-hwa, and Kim Jun-seo.

After successfully introducing the three-album Identity series, which centres around growth and identity, boy band WEi has announced the launch of a new series.

The Love series is themed around “emotions of young men” and is their fourth EP album Love Pt.1 : First Love released on March 16.

Who are WEi?

This popular Korean boy band consists of six members: Kim Yo-han, Yoo Yong-ha, Kim Jun-seo. Kang Seok-hwa, Kim Dong-han, and Jang Dae-hyeon.

WEi made its powerful debut in 2020 by recording five million views in one day. Till this day, their debut ranks sixth in the most-watched music video in 24 hours among all K-pop bands. Their unique funky style has been a significant hit with fans, and their debut song “Twilight” has ranked second on SBS’ The Show only nine days after its launch.

WEi’s rapper Jang Dae-hyeon. Photo: OUI ENTERTAINMENT / MAXPERIENCE

All about love

Showcasing their second chapter with their fourth EP album Love Pt.1 : First Love, marks the beginning of WEi’s Love series. The album features six tracks, all about first loves experienced by young men.

Jang Dae Hyeon, on this occasion, was able to show his skills as a producer. He created the rap part for the title track “Too Bad”, and composed and wrote the song “Blossom”.

“My intention is well conveyed if it reminds you of first love or someone you love by listening to our song First Love,” he adds. “I will continue to work on good music and songs to introduce and communicate to our fans. I want to be part of a team that fans can be proud of with good results.”

WEi’s vocalist Kang Seok Hwa. Photo: OUI ENTERTAINMENT / MAXPERIENCE

“Through the Love series, we wanted to tell the story of all the feelings that young people go through when in love,” Jang Daehyeon says. To which Kang Seokhwa adds, “If the previous Identity series talks about growth and identity of our members, the Love series pertains to love stories that everyone experiences at least once. The most significant change is that the concept has become more popular to feel and relate to.”

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Despite having worked on three albums together, nothing meaningful is achieved without challenges. Seokhwa says of his experience on this occasion, “This album is where we tried to pursue more details and include more opinions of our members. Of course, there were trial and errors that I went through, but I overcame them by communicating with each other properly.” This is also the case for the member, Kim Junseo, who shares, “I had more time to prepare for this album than I had for the previous ones – so I tried to focus more on it. As such, contributing to its production required communicating with the members a lot step by step.”

WEi’s vocalist Kim Jun-seo. Photo: OUI ENTERTAINMENT / MAXPERIENCE

It isn’t easy to bring together six individuals, each with their own personalities, creative input and opinion. Yet, WEi has shown great chemistry as a band. Yoo Yong-ha attributes this to the invaluable support from their hyungs (or “older brothers”) – referring to the older male members in their team. “As the Korean proverb says, ‘When the water above is clear, the water below is clear’. It seems that we have good teamwork because the older brothers guided us well.”

A statement that rings true to Kim Junseo. “The older brothers treated me comfortably,” he says. “As such, I could approach the younger brothers more accordingly. I think these relationships lead to good chemistry.”


Jang Daehyeon shares the same sentiment, “We always maintain good teamwork as younger ‘siblings’ have followed along well. So we get along like friends, which appear well on broadcasts and content.”

“As we talk a lot with each other, we know what we like and don’t like. It makes us respect each other, enabling an excellent relationship to be maintained and leading to good teamwork,” says Kang Seokwha.


The chemistry among the members is an easygoing one, they admit. Kim Yohan says, “We didn’t find each other difficult. We are not hesitant to get closer and know each other better. It made us have a good relationship.”

It receives a nod from Kim Donghan, “We talked a lot. So we got to know each other. This I believe led to great teamwork.”

Throughout the time the talents worked together, they all shared a few of their own favourite projects they worked on. To Kim Donghan, they were moments when he performed at BTS’s Spring Day, and 2PM’s My House.

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Kim Junseo on the other hand remembers their trip to Chungcheong-do, a southwest province in South Korea, the best. “I enjoyed the time when we went [there] for a variety show called Idol Picnic – we made many memories there.” For Jang Daehyeon, it was an appearance on OUI Go Up. “It was the happiest activity for me because it felt like we were on vacation together while filming a reality show with the members.”

Having just released their fourth album and its success is still unknown, they continue to relish in the popularity and fond memories of working on their third album. “I think it was fun when we promoted our third album – the way we played on stage,” says Kim Yohan. “This is the kind of activity that I like the most.”

WEi’s singer Yoo Yong-ha. Photo: OUI ENTERTAINMENT / MAXPERIENCE

Kang Seokhwa agrees, “It was the most unusual event as I met some of the fans and invited my family to a showcase [of ours] for the first time.”

Member Yoo Yangha, however, likes to look forward in this instance. “I liked every stage [I went through] with the members. I believe the fourth album stage will soon become the best in the future!”


There is no information yet on how many albums will be produced in the Love series.

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