5 Things to know about F(x) Krystal Jung

Krystal Jung is known for being a visual centre of attention as well as being the main vocalist of the K-Pop girl band F(x). After the group disbanded in 2019, she transitioned into acting, starring in various K-dramas, including The Inheritors, Crazy Love, Police University and more. As the star turns 28 on October 24, we underline five facts that you may not already know about her

She has multi-citizenship

배우 정수정(크리스탈), '새 프로필 속 다채로운 눈빛' < 갤러리 < 기사본문 - 연예투데이뉴스
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Jung’s fluency in the English language is proven in various interviews with international media. The celebrity was born and raised in San Francisco, California, until the age of seven, which means she has both Korean and American citizenship.

During her short visit to Korea in 2000, Jung was cast by a recruiting staff of SM Entertainment with her sister Jessica – a former member of the K-Pop girl group Girls’ Generation. After her F(x) debut, fans saw more of her American side in the reality show Jessica & Krystal, where Jung often spoke English with her sister.

She loves cereal

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Despite her slim physique, Jung loves late-night snacking. Cereal is among her favourite foods, and she believes the best time to have it is late at night rather than breakfast.

In Marie Claire Korea‘s interview in 2021, she spoke about her must-do’s when visiting America. One of them was to buy four or five boxes of her favourite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, to bring back to Korea. She added, “I never dare eat cereals for breakfast. I have a unique habit of eating them as midnight snacks around midnight. So I would say it is the best time for cereals.” She ended her interview by recommending fans follow her habit for a day.

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She loves nature

Photo: @vousmevoyez | Instagram

Everyone has their own method of healing from stress. Jung finds hers in nature as she loves taking short walks to nearby parks or climbing mountains. If you follow the star on Instagram, you will often catch her leisure moments in nature.

In December 2020, the singer-actress shared pictures of her walking in nearby parks on her personal Instagram with the caption “Walk with me”. Again, she uploaded moments of herself hiking with her father in November 2021, saying, “A best healing day!”. In an episode of the reality show Jessica & Krystal, Jung shared how she feels comfortable looking at trees and flowers.

She inspires fans with her style

Photo: @vousmevoyez | Instagram

Did you know that Jung was the one who popularised the tennis skirts trend? She wore them during the group F(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum promotions in 2013; Jung created a tennis skirts craze that’s still popular today. That’s among her many memorable fashion moments; her off-duty style, like her airport looks, is often referenced by fans, too.

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The idol of many K-Pop icons

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F(x) is one of Korea’s leading 2.5-generation K-Pop girl groups. As such, Krystal Jung became a role model for many up-and-coming trainees. In particular, Jung has many yeoduck – a Korean terminology referring to a group of female fandoms.

Once in a Dcinside interview in 2015, Moonbyul – a member of the K-girl group Mamamoo – revealed her love towards Jung, saying, “I love every aspect of Krystal. If I have a chance to be reborn, I want to be born as Krystal.” A member of Viviz SinB also showed her fangirl moment and mentioned she wanted to meet Jung.

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