#legendasks: Why watch storage solutions are sound investments?

A watch is more than a timekeeper – often it speaks to one’s achievements and milestones through displayed craftsmanship. Thus, well-preserved timepieces are seen as a legacy to be passed down from generation to generation. BezelHold, global online merchandise of luxury watch storage and care products, communicates the protection of legacy through its creative designs and exceptional functionality. Sally Kang talks to the founder and CEO of BezelHold, Maahir Savlani, about his exploration of luxury watch storage solutions

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The Hat-trick Marine Camouflage/Graphite. Photo: BezelHold

Maahir Savlani, the founder of BezelHold, has been a luxury watch collector himself from a young age. He used to store his watches in locked drawers and in secure safes. Safeness was what always came to his mind when thinking of preserving his timepieces. This is what emerged in Savlani’s business creation of BezelHold to create functional and appealing watch care products himself and for passionate collectors.

What are some of the challenges when storing luxury watches at home, especially in a humid environment like Hong Kong?

I began to travel more frequently as I grew older. My storage routine involved wrapping my collection in plastic and placing my watches in impromptu velvet pouches. It was during these moments I conceived the idea for BezelHold.

The heat and humidity weather in the Asian continent not only damage the movements of watches but also be detrimental to most leather and wooden articles. To ensure that our collection would be able to stand the test of such conditions, we have applied a unique gloss finish that preserves the natural grain of the wood. This not only increases the lustre of the product but also adds longevity to its lifespan.

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What do watch collectors need to look out for in order to protect their expensive timepieces?

There are several aspects in regard to storage and care that one must consider after purchasing a watch. BezelHold displays the range of watch winders that assures each unique automatic watch to its required specification – through the design of our Turns per Day (TPD) system. By using the in-built LCD control panel or with the exclusive remote, the user is able to set each individual rotor to the requirements of their specific watch. This prevents the watches from being overwound, which essentially grinds the gears without any purpose, causing unnecessary wear and tear to the mechanical movement.

The Capsule Midnight/Crimson. Photo: BezelHold

From an investment perspective, why is a proper storage solution essential?

Although a watch may be repaired – it will never be restored to its original story. This is why a proper storage solution is essential. I witnessed the loss of a small fortune at the gym. After an intense workout, a fellow gym goer had quickly forgotten about the placement of his watch, reaching for his shirt without an added thought. This resulted in his watch being thrown across the changing room, cracking the sapphire crystal glass as well as denting the bezel on his Audemars Piguet. Having seen this awful experience first-hand, I was compelled to develop a solution, and this led to the design and development of The Capsule. I hope this anecdote reconfirms the need for proper watch care and storage.

The Panorama. Photo: BezelHold

What are the elements of a good storage solution?

A designer must highlight and improve the functionality of products in order to deliver a good storage solution and appreciation. One of the drawbacks BezelHold found in the watch storage industry was the cushions used. They are often designed as “one size fits all”, very impractical as each individual may have a different wrist size.

With clear design principles, each of our products offers the option for an adjustable cushion size. Focusing on our Watch Winders, the discerning collector would find that the designs feature a Door Sensor. Ensuring that when the Winder is opened, the watches on display would always stop at the 12 o’clock position. This embodies the characteristics of an intuitive product, which understands the needs of the collector and aims to enhance their experience.

The Khronos. Photo: BezelHold

As the founder of a bespoke luxury watch holder, what was the ultimate vision you have for BezelHold? How is it different from its competitors?

I wouldn’t be able to share one ultimate vision as there is a list of accomplishments which we hope to achieve. We are extremely pleased to have reached several milestones within the Hong Kong community and now have a vision to expand the brand globally.

Regarding our competitors, the first word that comes to mind is complacency. There are a few brands in the space which have been dominant in the industry for a long period of time. Through my personal shopping experiences, paired with the extensive research that was performed before presenting BezelHold, it was evident that the designs present had not been enhanced for several years. There was a need for more finesse and attention to detail which the modern collector desires.

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