Henry Jacques: A fragrant self-expression

Henry Jacques brings olfactory dreams to life with its signature Sur-Mesure bespoke perfume service

Few things can embody a feeling, a memory or even one’s identity quite like perfume. Henry Cremona recognised this rare power after an encounter with one of the last great noses of France and went on to create a haute parfumerie house dedicated solely to crafting bespoke fragrances for a distinguished and exacting clientele. While Henry Jacques has since opened its realm to the public with a sophisticated array of retail products, its Sur-Mesure
perfumes remain at the heart of the family business.

The exclusive service, now being offered at Henry Jacques boutiques in Hong Kong, is not merely a simple blend or adjustment. Each Sur-Mesure draws on decades of perfume-making expertise along with each client’s specific desires, tastes and emotions to result in a one-of-a-kind symbol of their identity and an expression of their soul.

The adventure begins with a consultation in which clients are guided through a maze of scents, the perfumer listening to and understanding their personal olfactory dreams. As always, the use of premium natural components is essential to the composition and production of a Henry Jacques creation.

Over the course of months, a path is forged and a signature scent slowly comes to life. This dream perfume is then given a unique name and adapted to its wearer’s lifestyle, from the forms in which they will wear it to the accessories that will accompany it.

Naturally, such a rare creation deserves a worthy presentation and the artisans at Henry Jacques will craft a bespoke chest and flacons in which to house it. The perfume also becomes part of the maison’s history, safeguarded in its archives for the person who wears it and no one else. Just as Sur-Mesure is Henry Jacques’ quintessential craft, each Sur-Mesure perfume is a true and unique expression of its wearer – and something truly special.

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