Prepare for Easter with these seasonal mood setters

Spring is upon us – bringing with it a desire to change up our wardrobes, switch up scents and savour seasonal delicacies. #legend presents a roundup of products and offerings for those looking for a bit of indulgence over Easter

Scent revellers


Diptyque announced the launch of their highly anticipated limited edition candle, Fleur de Cerisier (HK$600), just in time for the Easter season. This exquisite fragrance captures the essence of a gentle, balmy springtime, allowing you to indulge in the cherished Japanese tradition of hanami, or “flower viewing”.

The Fleur de Cerisier candle comes in a beautifully designed vessel, adorned with delicate cherry blossom motifs. Its soft, pastel hues and elegant simplicity perfectly capture the essence of the season. This limited-edition candle is a must-have for those seeking a touch of springtime charm in their homes.

Skincare indulgents


From left: Lucent Facial Concentrate (60ml) and Ginger Flight Therapy (10ml)

Aesop Skincare has two exceptional products that cater to both year-round skin care needs and the anticipation of future travel adventures.

Lucent Facial Concentrate (HK$940) is a remarkable serum with nourishing properties that provide a radiant complexion, no matter the challenges of changing seasons. Whether you’re battling harsh winter conditions or seeking a healthy glow in the sun-kissed months, Lucent Facial Concentrate is the perfect companion for all-year skin care.

For those planning their next travel adventure, the highly coveted Ginger Flight Therapy (HK$240) is returning back to a store near you. This invigorating blend of ginger and essential oils serves as a refreshing oasis during your journeys, uplifting the senses and providing a soothing experience. It’s the ideal travel companion for revitalization and indulgence on the go.

Coffee lovers

Bacha Coffee

Legendary brand Bacha Coffee is delighted to introduce an extraordinary selection of artisanal coffees that will captivate coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike this Easter. Aptly suited to the occasion, Bacha Coffee’s Easter selection encompasses of Single Origin and Fine Blended coffees with cocoa-esque flavours symbolic of chocolate eggs, and accented notes as floral as an Easter bonnet.

The Volcán Azul Coffee (From HK$310 / 250g), is a single-origin masterpiece from Costa Rica. Expertly processed on the estate, this coffee has gained international recognition for its impressive aromatic acidity, mild flavour, and harmonious body, placing it among the world’s best.

Decaffeinated coffee lovers will also be taken care of this Easter with the El Flamingo Decaffeinated Coffee, now available in an exquisite coffee bag gift box (HK$148.50) and in the Autograph collection (HK$310/250g). Produced on misty mountain plateaus in Jaltenango, this gentle, naturally CO2 decaffeinated coffee boasts a wet-processed, organic harvest. Its captivating sweet, floral aroma and mild acidity make it the perfect indulgence as a nightcap.

The Kona Paradise Meadows Coffee (from HK$1,193.5/100g), originates from an uncommon volcanic soil found only at elevations of 1,800 to 2,000 metres above sea level. A blend of three native Hawaiian varieties, this exceptional coffee offers an extraordinarily smooth yet complex cup, solidifying its position as one of the finest coffees in the world.

For those seeking a burst of fruity delight, the Brightberry Coffee (from HK$113/100g) is a must-try for you this Easter. With notes of freshly picked wild berries and red fruits, this sparkling Arabica tantalises the palate as dazzling rays of sun pierce through rain clouds.

Completing the collection is the Elephant King Coffee (from HK$145.5/100g), a fine blend combining delicate and creamy Maragogype with full-bodied harvests and a hint of fruity acidity. With a subtle note of cocoa, this multifaceted coffee provides an exquisite sensory experience.

Tea enthusiasts

Tea WG

In celebration of Easter, Tea WG presents the limited-edition Sakura! Sakura! Tea (HK$388/100g) from its celebrated Grand Mode Tea Collection. Savour the fleeting beauty of Kyoto’s most celebrated season with every sip. Beautifully handcrafted with green tea and a scattering of pink petals, while notes of Rainier cherry lend a lingering floral sweetness, this invigorating blend yields a more aromatic and elegant fragrance. It delicately captures the precious first buds of the cherry blossom season, whisking you away to the ephemeral Hanami of Kyoto.

To fully embrace the season, pair any of Tea WG’s floral tea blends with delectable tea-infused macarons. Indulge in the delicate harmony of flavours with Sakura! Sakura! Tea and Cherry Macarons. These exquisite treats are elegantly crafted with a smooth and crisp pink almond shell, encasing a luscious cherry jam and exquisite white chocolate ganache centre that accentuated with the natural flavours of green tea and sweet notes of blossoms. In addition to standard gift boxes, the delightfully pastel pink creations will be offered in a limited-edition box to commemorate the Sakura! Sakura! Tea launch and savours the essence of Easter.

Tea WG will also celebrate World Macaron Day on 20th March 2024 with an exclusive buy one get one promotion on all tea-infused macarons, with a minimum purchase of six pieces (Original HK$20 per piece), offering a perfect opportunity to savour the delightful flavours and celebrate the artistry of Tea WG’s macarons.

Matcha seekers

Shake Shack

With matcha fever sweeping the city, Shake Shack is thrilled to unveil their latest creation, the Matcha Cookies & Cream Shake (HK$52), just in time for the Easter season. Available exclusively at all Shake Shack locations from March 5, this limited-time offering is a testament to Shake Shack’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Indulge in the velvety texture and mellow matcha taste of this shake, crafted with Shake Shack’s freshly made signature vanilla frozen custard hand-spun with authentic Uji Matcha. Believe it or not, this matcha is produced from 100 per cent Kyoto leaves and is an award-winning premium matcha powder produced in Japan by Kyoto Uji Matcha Master Kitagawa Hanbee. To enhance the experience, generous servings of golden buttery cookies are added to the shake. These cookies bring a subtle sweetness that perfectly balances the earthy taste of the premium matcha, creating a harmonious and satisfying blend of flavours.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time treat! Experience the perfect harmony of matcha and cookies in every sip and celebrate the Easter season in style with Shake Shack’s Matcha Cookies & Cream Shake.

Whisky connoisseurs

The Glenlivet

Marking its 200 years, The Glenlivet launched this limited anniversary edition featuring a hand-selected liquid and packaging that traces the whisky’s journey from its origins to present day. A unique take on its classic 12-Year-Old Single Malt, this expression was crafted by The Glenlivet’s expert team of whisky makers and has been matured in 100 per cent first fill American Oak casks with a special bottling strength of 43 per cent ABV.

It features tasting notes of ripe, juicy pear, sweet orange marmalade, coconut shavings and creamy vanilla, complemented by aromas of fresh tangerines, pineapple slices and indulgent crème caramel.

The Glenlivet is a brand steeped in history and it pioneered the introduction of the Speyside style of single malt whisky. It has been using Speyside’s malt and water to produce its whisky, whereas the River Spey is known for its salmon-rich, crystal-clear waters. The Glenlivet’s whisky is also aged in traditional European and American oak casks to bring forth the delectable flavours.

The Glenlivet 200 Year Anniversary Limited Edition is available now at all major retailers and wine stores for HK$538.

Golfing jetsetter


From left: Tumi Golf Stand Bag in Off-White/Tan and Golf Cart Bag in Black

The leading international travel, lifestyle and accessories brand is venturing further into the world of performance luxury with the launch of a premium collection of golf bags and accessories. An extension of Tumi Sport, the new Golf collection delivers strength and hyper-functionality, fueling peak performance for golf competitors and enthusiasts alike.

Encompassing a total golf travel solution, the assortment enables players to enjoy the brand’s legacy of flawless functionality, unmatched quality and uncompromising attention to detail both on and off the course. Offered in black and off-white/tan, the collection includes the Golf Cart Bag, Golf Stand Bag, Golf Range Bag and Golf Hardside 2 Wheeled Travel Case as well as duffels, totes, club covers and more.

Music aficionados


Renowned audio brand Sonos is set to launch its annual promotion, covering a range of popular home audio products to experience brilliant sound this holiday season.

Move 2, the next generation of the best-selling Sonos Move speaker, offers the same versatility of the Roam and much more. Not only does it come with a completely overhauled acoustic architecture but it also offers up to 24 hours of battery life with a USB-C port that can charge your phone or electronics on the go. What’s more, it’s the company’s most sustainable portable product to date, and the new Olive colorway is the perfect fit for the Easter vibe!

Also packing the precise and immersive sound of Dolby Atmos with easy control for TV, movies, music, gaming and more, the Sonos Arc smart soundbar delivers the most premium and dynamic sound for the ultimate movie experience at home. Add the Sonos Sub premium subwoofer to discern every detail in your favourite holiday films and tunes, all while staying blissfully free from setup hassles and pesky wires! For exceptional sound, stunning aesthetics and simple setup, you also can’t go wrong with Beam (Gen 2). The premium soundbar, now with an elegant and precisely perforated grille, delivers a spatial audio experience that will have you and your loved ones jingling all the way to Christmas and beyond. You can even turn on Speech Enhancement or Night Sound for greater clarity and balance.

Those who like to stay dry

The North Face

Whilst we welcome spring, The North Face explorers never stop conquering new frontiers. At the same time, The North Face never stops innovating, as shown in the launch of the new Rain Protection collection with the brand’s patented waterproof and breathable nano material that aids explorers as they travel through the wind and rain in the spirit of “Never Stop Exploring”.

The new series adopts soft earthy and mountain tones, taking inspiration from natural landscapes to create a relaxed and refreshing palette that sparks a desire to explore the wilderness. The new Futurelight Frontier Jacket is made from The North Face’s patented Futurelight fabric. Nano-textile technology is used to create a lightweight fabric that is both highly waterproof and breathable, providing powerful waterproof protection while maintaining ventilation and allowing explorers to take on the challenges of nature without fear of wind or rain.

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