iPhone furthers accessibility with innovation

In celebration of the upcoming International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, Apple launched a new campaign video to observe and honour the creativity of people with disabilities


Apple’s new video follows the journey of seven people as they go about their days, creating art, spending time with family and going to work or school. It aims to raise awareness of new innovations in the area of accessibility while also sharing the story and experiences of people with visual, audio, mobility or cognitive challenges.

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Features such as Detection Mode for people with visual impairment and Sound Recognition for deaf and hard-hearing individuals are some of the standout functions on display. While Voice Control is another advanced way to operate Apple devices. AssistiveTouch is also in place for those with upper-body limb differences, which provides – and further improves – possibilities for individuals to engage with technology.

Each individual in the video operates Apple’s suite of accessibility features that help them overcome barriers and move about – physically as well as creatively – through the world with confidence and independence. Check out their newest campaign video below.

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