Physical: 100 winner Amotti on his victory, fitness and getting into it

CrossFit athlete Amotti won hearts and the champion title in the second season of Netflix’s Physical: 100 show. Now the face (and body) of Lululemon’s Get Into It campaign, he tells David Ho about his journey on and off the show and imparts some pearls of wisdom

The Netflix hit Physical: 100 pits athletes from all disciplines to find the ideal human physique. The tournament starts with a hundred contestants and they are eliminated via performance-based quests until only champion remains. Little wonder that the show often draws comparisons to another South Korean hit, Squid Game.

The second season saw Amotti (real name Kim Jae Hong), a CrossFit athlete, cinch the win and the KR₩300 million (HK$1.7 million) prize. The 31-year-old athlete not only impressed with his performance on the show, but also won the hearts of fans with his humble and smiley demeanour. As a Lululemon ambassador, Amotti is the star of the fitness apparel brand’s latest Get Into It campaign.

Congratulations on your Physical: 100 victory! How would you describe your journey on the competition?

I simply participated each day with the mindset of giving my best effort and seeing how far I could go. After being physically drained by each of the challenges, the support I received from the people around me became more important than ever to keep pushing me forward.

What did you learn from your experience on the show?

I learned that working out together is better than working out alone. I used to practice CrossFit alone and focused solely on my individual skills, but through the team mission in Physical: 100, I realized the importance of teamwork and the value of community.

If they did a Physical: 100 All Stars version or an international edition, would you be up for doing it again? Why?

Absolutely! In Physical: 100 Season 2, I valued participating more than winning. But if I get another chance from the show, I would like to challenge myself to the best of my ability.

Why do you think crossfit as your main discipline has helped you be such a well-rounded athlete?

CrossFit prepares your body for anything, so it helps you strengthen and develop all parts of your body evenly. Another thing I think most people don’t think about is that being an athlete is also about your mental endurance, and CrossFit also helps to train this as you need to practice discipline, diligence, and step out of your comfort zone to keep challenging yourself as that is the only way you get better.

As someone who is constantly active, what do you look for in your workout outfits?

These days, I really enjoy wearing Lululemon’s Metal Vent Tech top and Pace Breaker shorts as a set because they keep me feeling my best which enables me to exercise even harder. Both are so thoughtfully designed with technical fabrics that are lightweight, stretchy, and help to remove any potential distractions so I can fully focus on working out when I train.

What is it about Lululemon’s Get Into It campaign that strikes a chord with you?

Get Into It is about inspiring others to improve their wellbeing, and this is a message that really resonates with me because it’s something I’ve built my life and YouTube channel around. I want to help inspire others to focus on their holistic wellbeing by sharing my own journey with them and helping them see just how important it is to cultivate your mental and social wellbeing along with staying physically fit.

Let’s touch on mental health. How do you safeguard your own inner peace and wellness in this high stress world?

One of the main ways I maintain my wellbeing is through exercising because it brings me a lot of joy and I find it fun. However, through my recovery, I learned that wellbeing goes beyond just physical. Our wellbeing is not only about the physical aspects, but also about how we feel and how we socialize, so that’s why it’s important to care for all these different aspects. For example, I have managed to find a community and sense of belonging through CrossFit, my YouTube channel, and the Lululemon community which I’ve been involved in since our partnership began in 2021.

Many are intimidated by the thought of trying something like crossfit or just hitting up the gym in general. What’s your advice to them to Get Into It?

The best way is to start now and head to the gym. When you don’t feel like working out, it’s great to find someone to do it with you as it creates a better environment and atmosphere that motivates you to work even harder.

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