Perk up your skin with new additions to The Whoo’s Bichup collection

South Korean beauty brand The Whoo has some luxurious new skincare offerings with round the clock protection and repair

Skincare has gotten very specific over the years. We now have treatments for not just different skin types, but for specific targets and particular times of the day. While that is great news for our skin for the most part, it can be quite cumbersome when you need to stock an entire apothecary’s worth of potions and lotions to keep up.

The Whoo aims to bring skincare back to more manageable basics. The South Korean beauty brand is promising 24/7 skincare, with day protection and night repair, with the new products in its Bichup Collection – the fourth generation of its Bichup Ultimate Recovery Youth Serum, as well as the third generation of its Bichup Royal Anti-Aging Cream.

Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin is someone who has benefitted from The Whoo’s products. Making his comeback with a new album after an eight-year absence, Lin’s ever youthful appearance is thanks to the powerful formulas in The Whoo’s skincare products, created from careful research and development by researchers.

The Whoo’s formulas are ideal for maintaining the optimal balance of skin, as it enables continuous repair and comprehensive restoration. The products do so by drawing from the brand’s new anti-aging ingredient, NAD Power24. With its enhanced skin penetration properties, NAD Power24 ensure optimal delivery of NAD+, the primary energy source for skin cells.

A decline in NAD+ levels will lead to a reduction of the main cellular energy source adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and further disrupt skin stability. NAD Power24 enhances the stability of the NAD+ ingredient by five times for a 94 percent increase in skin absorption*. With the root cause of declining cellular energy addressed, it can prevent signs of skin ageing and ensure a radiant and youthful complexion.

The Bichup Ultimate Recovery Youth Serum (HK$1,000 for a 50ml bottle) comes with 10 percent of highly concentrated NAD Power24 infused in each bottle. The light-weighted serum has been shown to repair the skin barrier by up to 82 percent in an hour** and improve skin elasticity by 16 percent within four weeks***.

The Bichup Anti-Aging Repair Cream (HK$1,300 for a 50ml jar) combines the NAD Power24 with the ingredient Jayoonbidan, which contains Cordyceps Militaris to add vitality to the skin. It also contains Jayoon Collagen to promote the replenishment, absorption, and synthesis of collagen, while the addition of Cedrol facilitates collagen synthesis.

These products come in a minimalist and modern aesthetic that reflects the easy yet efficient skincare routine enabled by The Whoo’s latest offerings and reflect their idea of “a harmonious balance of beauty from the inside and out.” So tap into its powerful ingredients to give your skin the luxurious protection it deserves.

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* Test institution: LG Household & Health Card R&D Center/ Test period: October 23, 2023 to January 25, 2024
** Test institution: Ellead Co., Ltd/ Test period: February 5, 2024 to February 8, 2024/ Test audience: 30 female participants aged 20-58 years old
*** Test institution: P&K Skin Clinical Research Center/ Test period: January 2, 2024 to January 31, 2024/ Test audience: 30 female participants aged 30-59 years old

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