Elevate your home with the smart Music Frame by Samsung

The new Samsung Music Frame has been available for a short time, and in typical Samsung fashion, it seamlessly integrates into any decor, delivers superior sound quality, and allows you to customise its dynamic display

The Samsung Music Frame is a unique home audio device that seamlessly combines high-quality sound with stylish, minimalist home decor. Featuring a stunning QLED display framed in a sleek, modern design, the Music Frame can blend into any living space when not in use as a speaker, whether you hang it on the wall or place it on a surface.

Under the hood, the Music Frame packs a serious audio punch. Dual 20W speakers deliver rich, immersive sound with support for Dolby Atmos 3D spatial audio. The result is a robust, room-filling listening experience that belies the compact footprint.

And if you own a Samsung Frame TV, the brand’s Q-Symphony technology will allow your TV and Music Frame to play together without muting any of the speakers.

Connectivity is handled through dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for easy wireless streaming from a range of popular music services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. The intuitive companion app provides full control over playback, EQ settings, and personal photo uploads.

An ambient light sensor is a particularly thoughtful inclusion, automatically adjusting the display brightness and warmth to complement the room’s lighting conditions. This helps the Music Frame integrate into the environment as an elegant piece of home decor rather than an obtrusive electronic.

While the service selection is not as comprehensive as some other smart speakers, the Music Frame’s core strengths lie in its exceptional audio performance and seamless aesthetic integration. For Samsung ecosystem users looking to upgrade their home audio experience with a unique and stylish solution, the Music Frame is an excellent choice.

The Samsung Music Frame holds its own quite well against other smart speakers in its price range when it comes to audio quality. Compared to devices like the Amazon Echo Studio, Google Nest Audio, or Apple HomePod Mini, the Music Frame delivers a significantly more robust and immersive sound experience. The dual 20W speakers produce a fuller, more dynamic tone with impressive bass response and excellent clarity across the frequency spectrum.

Many compact smart speakers in this price segment tend to have a somewhat thin, compressed sound. The Music Frame, on the other hand, is able to fill a room with rich, room-filling audio that can rival the performance of dedicated bookshelf speakers. This can be attributed to the Dolby Atmos processing, which creates a greater sense of depth and spaciousness to the sound. Vocals and instrumentation have excellent separation and definition, without getting muddied or cluttered even at higher volumes.

The only possible area where the Music Frame may fall slightly short is in the maximum volume output. While more than adequate for average-sized living rooms, it may not quite match the sheer, wall-shaking loudness of some larger smart speakers designed for bigger spaces.

But for most general music listening and media playback needs, the audio quality of the Samsung Music Frame is truly outstanding, especially when you consider the sleek, unobtrusive design. It’s a great example of how Samsung has been able to pack genuine, high-fidelity sound into a compact, visually appealing package.

In contrast to the Frame TV, the art portion of the Music Frame is fully analogue. As such, instead of a screen that shows convincingly authentic digital artworks, this device shows off whatever photos or paintings you wish to frame inside. The actual photo display is 8-inch-by-8-inch, and you can easily order customized prints to insert into the Music Frame via a third-party seller. Once you have those prints, simply pop off the front panel and swap out the artwork.

In the compact spaces that Hong Kong has to offer, the Music Frame seems like a clever, unobtrusive piece of home decor that is not only functional but aesthetically blendable.

The Music Frame is now available at HK$3,680 with a special Fotomax deal that gives buyers a set of five customised photo prints for free.

If you are an avid audiophile who is looking for a functional home decor piece you can easily personalise with your own choice of artsy display, the Samsung Music Frame is definitely one to consider.

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