Subez Yeti, also known as Subi, is a female DJ and content creator from Hong Kong. She is recognised for her unique style, tattoos, piercings, and bold hair colours. She grew up surrounded by music and after being exposed to a range of genres, she felt inspired to create her own remixes. At 16, she performed her own remix at a skate shop. Later, she became one of the earliest members of the Yeti Out creative collective, which allowed her to explore the world of professional DJing. Since then, Subez has performed at multiple shows in cities such as Seoul, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. She believes that the most successful artists are those who treat others with respect and encourage others to follow their passion. Alongside her DJing, Subez also founded the all-female DJ collective Mean Gurls Club, intending to create a community and increase the number of women headlining shows in Hong Kong. Notably, she also co-created the party “THÜR”, which focuses on developing the city’s growing underground music and culture scene.

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