How to make long-distance dating work, according to a relationship expert

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COVID-19 hasn’t been easy on any of us, least of all, those in an LD (read: long-distance) relationship. And while technology has made it slightly more bearable, there’s only so much you can do over FaceTime… ­To help keep the flame alive, we asked relationship expert Mairead Molloy, global director for elite matchmaking service, Berkeley International, how to navigate and nurture love during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schedule time to talk

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Depending on your daily lives, figure out a time that suits you both to talk. The loss of routine during this time has consequences for our well-being, so setting a consistent time to chat will help give form to your time and allow you both to have something to look forward to.

Give your full attention

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Whether you video call or just speak on the phone, try not to multitask so you can give your partner your full attention. Do away with distractions like YouTube and Netflix, and spend actual quality time with your S.O. – glass of wine, optional.

Do things together

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Sharing experiences brings connection. Choose an activity you both enjoy, such as watching a film together, drinking the same wine, going through old photos, work projects and so on. Even though you can’t be physically near your partner, you can be creative and not stick to a script for your daily chats.

Work together

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Another way to connect is to start a project like a business or a blog together. This will help focus your energy and give you something new to talk about. Other ideas include creating a virtual book club, debriefing the latest podcasts or setting a fitness goal to achieve together.

Show your love

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Find ways of creating or recreating romance in the relationship, whether it’s with a delivery of flowers, a care package with items you know the person will find fun or useful, or perhaps a magazine or newspaper subscription. All of these things will let the other person know that you are thinking of them and help foster a sense of connection.

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