5 things to know about musical talent Kang Daniel

He turned 26 on December 10, so Kang Daniel is still a tad young for Oppa status (for us, at least), but the South Korean multi-hyphenate is already a heart-throb and brother to many

He found himself through dance

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Before he was a K-pop star, he was a b-boy. While in eighth grade, Daniel joined a b-boy club at his teacher’s suggestion and has not looked back. He went on to study modern dance for a year and picked ballet as his second major at Peniel High School of The Arts in Busan, South Korea. He showed promise and won a gold medal in the dance category at the 49th High School Performing Arts Contest.

Daniel credits dance for helping to build his self-esteem after a rocky start from bullying in elementary school.

He got his big break from a TV show

Photo: @daniel.k.here | Instagram

Daniel put his dance skills to great use by signing on as a trainee and backup dancer with entertainment companies. But that did not catapult him to the big time until he joined the second season of Project 101, a reality competition to win a spot in a boyband.

The resulting 11-member boyband Wanna One was active for just two years until it was officially dissolved by Swing Entertainment in 2019. They did reunite for a performance at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards though.

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He has many feathers on his cap

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After Wanna One, Daniel has done many things he wants to do. Besides breaking out as a successful solo artiste, he has been an actor and a TV host and launched a successful music label, Konnect Entertainment. It has launched music from a few other former members of K-pop groups gone solo, like CL of 2NE1 and Yuju from GFriend.

He has collaborated with many people

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These days, Daniel is all about the power of collaboration. He has released an art book with Paul McCartney’s personal photographer, MJ Kim; appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show; worked with IVE’s An Yu Jin and Olympic gold medalist Kim Yuna on a music video; as well as released merchandise with Spongebob Squarepants.

He has stated he is up for working on a Jimmy Neutron reboot if given a chance.

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He has a busy year ahead

Photo: @daniel.k.here | Instagram

A self-proclaimed homebody, Daniel should take the time to rest on his special day because 2023 will be a busy period for him. He will take his First Parade World Tour to stages across Asia, Europe and North America in the first quarter of the year.

We are sure many will be happy to have a chance to see their idol for a belated birthday celebration.

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