5 things to know about BTS’ visual centre Jin

The oldest of BTS and talented musician, Jin, turns 30 on December 4. One and half weeks before him becoming the first member to enter the army, we highlight five facts about him to know

He is a talented emcee

Photo: @jin | Instagram

Jin, born Kim Seok-jin, is often referred to as hyung – meaning older brother in Korea. It’s because of his age, maturity, and ability to handle things. Among all his talents, his gift for emceeing is widely known. In 2017, he hosted KBS’ Song Festival with Chanyeol from Exo and Dahyun from Twice for two years in a row. His humour grabbed the audience’s attention quickly. He also hosts regularly on V Live, Run BTS.

He is a philanthropist

Photo: @jin | Instagram

His love towards fans is well-known. However, apart from that, he also enjoys donating to different organisations. In 2018, he celebrated his birthday by donating to Korean Animal Welfare Association, which helps abandoned dogs at a shelter.

That was not the only moment. In January this year, Beagle Rescue Network, the dog-rescuing organisation, made a post saying Jin made donations, providing food for dogs. The organisation helps bring a positive perspective on animal testing and raise awareness against it.

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He’s passionate about cooking

Photo: @jin | Instagram

Celebrities often turn to their hobbies to wind down. For Jin, it is cooking. In May 2015, less than two years after his debut as BTS, he created a vlog called Eat Jin that is dedicated to his cooking. He shared cooking lesson for a BTS-themed dish, a menbosha in the BTS’ angular shape.

His cooking skills even impressed picky bandmate Jimin; he hated mushrooms until he tried Jin’s nutritious mushroom rice.

He has unusual allergies

Photo: @jin | Instagram

Jin tested positive for allergies to potatoes and garlic in 2019. The doctor urged him to stop cooking with garlic and it devastated the foodie.

Potato allergy is another thing he’s suffering from. In Episode 125 of Run BTS, the artists gathered around a potato dish, except for Jin, who couldn’t enjoy it. It was at this time he revealed his allergy to fans.

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His favourite colour is pink

Photo: @jin | Instagram

Among many nicknames that fans gave to Jin, the pink princess might be one that best suits him. He uses a pink mobile phone and loves wearing a pink cap. Even one of his members asks him when he will stop wearing that cap. In 2016, he also coloured his hair pink, which he did again in 2021.

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