5 things to know about Alchemy of Souls star Hwang Minhyun

Hwang Minhyun is one of Korea’s successful singer-turned-actors. He rose to fame through several K-series including Live On and Alchemy of Souls, especially in the latter – a fantasy-romance TV series. It won him viewers’ hearts through his strong on-screen presence in the role of Seo Yul – a warrior with strong martial arts skills. As the celebrity turns 28 on August 9th, here are five interesting facts about him that you should know

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Although many are familiar with Hwang as a member of Wanna One, a K-pop idol group from an audition programme called Produce 101, he debuted in the industry as the lead vocal of the boy band, Nu’est. Now let’s take a look at the things that made the person behind the artist.

1. He is an art-lover

Photo: @optimushwang / Instagram

Many celebrities have different sources of inspiration that trigger their emotions while performing or acting. Art is where Hwang Minhyun finds his inspiration. The star enjoys going to art exhibitions, fashion shows, and decorating his house with his own interior designs.

His high-school degree in scenic design is a testament to the star’s love of art. During an Ize Magazine interview, the celebrity commented on how going to an art exhibition and looking at paintings brought him comfort after a busy work day. He would often share his tranquil moments on his Instagram. Among the artworks, he particularly loves those depicting the sky and ocean.

2. He does the chores

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Photo: @optimushwang / Instagram

Not many people enjoy doing household chores. Hwang on the other hand has revealed he enjoys this homely activity. He admits that this habit of cleaning is a result of having sensitive skin and being allergic to dust mites. Growing up, he watched his mom clean his room every day and now as an adult, he has taken over this task that has become one of his morning routines to start the day fresh.

He is also very taken with scents to the point where he collects perfumes, diffusers, and incense sticks from different brands. His favourite scent is said to be ‘original musk’ from Kiehl’s.

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3. A fan of Optimus Prime

Photo: Pledis Entertainment

Did you know that Hwang is a big Transformers fan? His favourite character is Optimus Prime, the main autobot in the Transformer series.

Hwang named his two Instagram accounts: @optimushwang and @optimus_sisun. Reflecting his obsession with the character. In a 2019 GQ magazine interview, Hwang revealed he always uses wallpapers of Optimus Prime on his phone and computer. He values the character as a hero and likes his positivity and the sacrifices he makes to save his team and defeat their enemy.

4. He is a shutterbug

Photo: @optimushwang / Instagram

The photogenic Hwang knows a thing or two about looking good in photos. But what you may not know is that he is quite skilled in being behind the camera as he is in front of it. The actor has been delighting fans with his perfect everyday visuals, showing off his photography skills.

Hwang is known for his namchinjjal – a Korean term for “boyfriend-like selfies”. Fans love how natural he looks in those photos, saying that it gives them a feeling of going on a date with their favourite star. Fans gather these and often set them as background photos. You can find them on his @optimus_sisun Instagram account, onto which he posts scenic pictures taken with his Fujifilm camera.

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5. He likes to travel

Photo: @optimushwang / Instagram

Hwang’s shutterbug moments relate to his other favourite pastime, which is travelling. His photos show that he has been to many different corners of the world, including Hungary, Italy, Vietnam, Japan, Yang Yang, Jeju-island and more.

On his bucket list is a visit to Iceland to see the northern lights. Then there is Göreme – a town in Turkey – which he revealed as his next travel destination when COVID-19 distancing rules are eased.

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