5 brands celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day in vibrant ways

Brands are celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day with their own special curation. Here we list five brands highlighting their collections in celebration of this festival

Zegna CVD capsule. Photo: Zegna

Celebrating the annual meeting of a cowherd and a weaver girl in a two thousand years old mythology, the Chinese Valentine’s Day – known as Qi Xi Festival – has always been an essential part of traditional Chinese culture.

As we get closer to the day, five fashion brands are delighted to announce their latest projects in celebration of one of the most romantic days in the Chinese calendar.


Founded in Paris, Maje is famous for being a leader in accessible luxury and designing urban and modern fashion collections. An icon of feminity and glamour, it never fails to excel in launching innovative products for different occasions.

This French luxury brand proudly presents its latest women’s fashion collection this Chinese Valentine’s Day, with dresses and skirts printed with reinterpreted tiles from silk, linen and knitted pieces in the 1970s. Made with flawless style and soft textures, Maje aims to impress with its final touch of oversized embroidered collars design, completing your pre-fall wardrobe with the sophisticated French look on Valentine’s Day date.


As one of the leading luxury brands, Balenciaga cannot miss commemorating the beautiful festival. For years, it has established itself at the forefront of the industry, challenging status quos and forecasting the future in the ready-to-wear fashion world.

Focusing on love, fun and affection for this Chinese Valentine’s Day, Balenciaga Qixi 22 Series offers an exclusive selection of fashionable organic pieces, from 100 per cent organic cotton caps, tops, pants and shorts to 100 per cent organic silk shirts and short, even 100 per cent recycled poly outerwear with signature addition youts.

Furthermore, you can find a wide selection of outfits featuring strass-covered, heart-patterned, glow-in-the-dark, and bold colour designs.

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Based in Spain, Loewe has run as one of the world’s luxury powerhouses for almost 200 years. With its innovative yet creative approach to fashion and leading expertise with leather products, the brand ensures you experience the lively and vibrant Spanish atmosphere during the Qi Xi Festival.

This summer, Loewe launches a collection of fashionable pieces featuring the work of American artist, Joe Brainard. The capsule collection includes the Flamenco Mini bag, Amazona 16 square, Luna small and an Amazona Pouch. In addition, they have a selection of wallets, a charm and a versatile jacquard bag strap as add-ons. The capsule collection is available now in selected stores.


A leading accessible luxury Parisian brand, Sandro is known for sophisticated aesthetics and designs, as well as featuring successful collections of both womenswear and menswear. With their unique fashion collection, couples can conveniently enjoy their Valentine’s date with a sense of ritual.

Sandro’s collection features T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts for men, with a unique combination of blue and beige with floral prints. The versatile outfits are perfect for any occasion and can be easily matched to switch between formal and casual looks. Sleek silk dresses with patchwork details are one of the highlights of the women’s collection, along with daisy motif printed fashion pieces, to bring out love, peace, and freedom on this romantic holiday.

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Zegna has always promised commitment to the environment. Attempting to produce with zero waste, the menswear brand has been putting a lot of effort into combining technology with fashionable design to create a contemporary wardrobe, namely the #UseTheExisitng collection.

And it’s one of the best things they decided on by extending their collection on this joyous occasion. Zegna introduced a new series of short-sleeve T-shirts made from upcycled materials this summer, using designs of fabric innovation along with the minimalist brand logo. The label also prepared knitwear for men to plan for the autumn, using luxuriously soft fabrics and an updated brand signifier in the form of a road to pay respect to the 2000-year-old fairy tale.

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