10 Questions With Asia Wedding Networks Michelle Yuan

Michelle Yuan

The popular wedding site founder shares her ten cents on working in the wedding industry.

How did you decide to get into the wedding industry?

Being able to be a part of every girl’s dream wedding is truly magical – from the wedding gowns to the decor to the invitations. The wedding industry is very fun and full of life and not to mention, the business opportunity side of the wedding industry isn’t too shabby either!

What is one wedding trend you are sick of?

Adult-only weddings. Children can be such a joyful addition to the wedding day. Plus, it makes it hard for guests with children to enjoy your wedding celebration while they’re worried about what their children are doing. There’s definitely many ways to incorporate children in weddings (whether it’s babysitting, getting them involved in the bridal party, etc.) so there’s no need to kick them out!

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What’s your favourite wedding trend of this year?

Having multiple weddings! It’s now becoming more common to have multiple wedding celebrations – the Chinese wedding banquet, a small intimate reception, a Church wedding, a destination wedding, you name it. It’s great to see brides adding the number of events to their celebrations to have more guests included and show off their personal style. The more the merrier.

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What are some ideas to keep kids entertained at the wedding?

Besides getting the kids involved in being ring bearers and flower girls, one of my favourite ideas is to give them colouring activities during the wedding. At the end, they can give the things they drew to the bride and groom as a little gift! Other ideas include hiring a babysitter for the wedding, having a playroom, or even have a mini ‘kids only’ dance session!

What’s the most romantic wedding story you have ever heard?

We get real wedding submissions all the time on asiaweddingnetwork.com but one that particularly stood out was when the groom surprised the bride with a personal happy birthday video wish from John Legend. The groom then proceeded to sing All of Me to his future-wife in front of all their guests. How sweet!

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Most underrated wedding location in Hong Kong:

There is a beautiful rooftop garden at level 56 of the Island Shangri-la which I think is super underrated. You get a beautiful view of Victoria Peak, stunning greenery, and a very relaxing and romantic atmosphere to tie the knot – all in the middle of the city!

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Best vegetarian option at a wedding:

Wild Mushroom & Truffle Pasta because everyone – including non-vegetarians – loves truffle.

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What are some fun and creative ideas for a father and daughter dance?

I think it would be quite fun if the father and daughter started off with slow dancing and then break out into a fast, upbeat choreographed dance to get the party started!

What are some great wedding gifts ideas?

A fun idea I once saw was a ‘hangover kit’ that the bride and groom gave as a wedding gift to their guests after the wedding. Inside was panadol, mouthwash, sunglasses, eye drops, and band-aids for blisters caused by dancing the night away.

What do you think is the most important thing in a wedding?

Remember why you’re hosting the wedding in the first place: to celebrate the love between you and your life partner. If you keep that in mind, you will be a truly happy bride no matter what unforeseen events happen.

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