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Dr. Woo and I.T team up for a month of tattoos

Mar 14, 2018

Dr. Woo in front of his I.T Atelier

When talking about tattoos, a name that will always pop up is Dr. Woo. Born Brian Woo, the LA-based tattoo artist has undeniably been one of he most influential tattoo artists in the past few years. Known for his intricate and detailed linework, Woo has developed his own style - one that has been imitated (but never replicated) over and over again. His signature aesthetic has literally changed the perception of traditional tattoos - no longer are they bold, dark and intimidating... tattoos can be delicate, detailed and extremely fine. Usually based in LA, the artist is in Hong Kong until March 15, doing a residency at I.T's Hysan One location. Local fans of his work flocked for the chance to get inked by the celebrity tattooist, whose clientele includes the likes of Cara Delevingne to Drake. 

While all his spots out here in Hong Kong are filled up, there are a host of other artists participating with I.T on the Tattoo Atelier - both international and local tattooists. Check out the full list here, and make sure to book your appointment by applying for a spot!

Catch Dr. Woo at work at I.T's Hysan One location, and check out his work on his Instagram

The storefront at I.T Hysan One

Where did you get the "Dr." in your name from?

It was actually at the old shop where I grew up at (Shamrock Social Club). There were so many different stories, everyone was trying to figure out a nickname because once you become a tattoo artist, a shop tradition is to get a tattoo nickname. My parents always wanted me to become a doctor... so it just made sense.

You've mentioned that you love Hong Kong. What's your favourite thing about the city?

I love the views, the bays and mountains. I love how it's such a crazily stacked city, but there's a green and flush environment that rolls into it. Obviously, I also love the food and on this side of the world it's such a hub for culture, art, music and fashion. Everyone out here is so international.

Has Hong Kong inspired you at all? Or any other places you've visited?

Hong Kong is educating, there's a spirit of discovery and there are so many cultures. It used to be a British colony and now it's a part of China, but not really a part of China... everyone is kind of represented and everything is connected to the rest of the world. It's inspiring.

Inside I.T

How about your background? How did you get into tattooing?

I was always into tattoos growing up. I was a collector, and I was getting a lot of tattoos from this guy I look up to Mark Mahoney. Eventually, I got to apprentice for him, I was very lucky, the rest was history.

Five of your favourite artists?

Tattoo wise, definitely Mark Mahoney and Freddy Negrete. Both of whom are legendary artists and whom I've worked with. Hedi Slimane, Hiroki Nakamura from visvim. Ed Ruscha, Cy Twombly, Alexander Caulder, Jim Shaw, the list could keep going!

How would you describe your new studio?

It's very eclectic and with stuff I like, a lot of plants, vintage furniture, modern furniture. It feels very... precise but not. You feel very comfortable in but it's definitely a purposeful and intentional place. But really it's just a bunch of stuff that I like.

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