7 must-do Hong Kong trails ranked

June contains one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated holidays, the Dragon Boat Festival on June 3rd. How about trekking to de-stress and refresh yourself from daily burdens? From The Peak to Sunset Peak, here are seven of Hong Kong’s most popular trekking places to enjoy ranked from easy to strenuous on a scale from 1 to 5

The Peak (1/5) – Even your grandma can do it

Photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board

The Peak, the so-called Victoria Peak, is one of Hong Kong’s most famous places for its sightseeing. Most visitors acknowledge the tram rides, but did you know that The Peak offers a pleasant scenic path at the top? Along with relatively flat and paved trails, The Peak is highly recommended for those entry-level hikers or a less-demanded hike. The best part of The Peak is it’s free in charged scenic sections for photoshoots.

Location: Hong Kong Island
Distance: 3.5km
Duration: 1 hour

Lamma Island (2/5) – Bring the dog

Photo: @mattscorpio_rtw_trip / Instagram

Are you tired of crowded Hong Kong city? A pleasant hiking route at Lamma Island is just a half-hour ferry ride from Central, Hong Kong. A village to village hiking route, from Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan, or in either direction, is the most enjoyable route at Lamma. At the start of the trail, you can glance over Kamikaze Caves, believed as a place for the Japanese to hide their boats during World War II. Small shops and water-front restaurants are served in both villages, more diverse in Yung Shue Wan, for rest after the hike.

Location: Sok Kwu Wan, Yung Shue Wan
Distance: 7km
Duration: 2 hours

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Dragon’s Back (2.5/5) – A family outing

Photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Dragon’s Back is one of Hong Kong’s best known urban hiking trails with its convenient accessibility from Hong Kong Island. It follows a smooth ridge-line path and offers a spectacular view of the beautiful coastlines of Hong Kong Island, Shek O Beach and Big Wave Bay. A sweet swimming experience is available at the end of the trail, be sure to bring your swimming suits if interested. Some casual beach-front dining is also an option upon completion of the trail.

Location: Hong Kong Island
Distance: 8.5km
Duration: 3 hours

Lion Rock (3/5) – Only with trustworthy friends

Photo: HKoutdoors

Lion Rock is the most iconic hike in Hong Kong with its belief in embodying the spirit of Hong Kong People. Unlike other hiking routes in Hong Kong, Lion Rock includes a mix of numerous staircases and trails; and there are very few trees to protect you from strong sunlight. The path starts at Temple Hill Fat Jong Temple of Shatin, passing the road to the Lion Rock Country Park. Signs are provided during the hike for reference. And be reminded to stay hydrated during the trek.

Location: Wong Tai Sin
Distance: 6km
Duration: 2 – 3 hours

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Sunset Peak (4/5) – A relationship tester

Photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Sunset Peak is Hong Kong’s third-highest peak, a comparatively demanding hiking route for starters. It best suits those hiking experts with a solid physical ability to add to their Hong Kong bucket list. The hiking starts at a grassy trail, Pak Kung Au, to a romantic view, Sunset Peak. Hikers are reminded to wear protectable hiking shoes and be aware of some stone clusters at the peak. The sunset views at the top of the cliff will pay off the hiking efforts.

Location: Lantau Island
Distance: 7km
Duration: 3.5 hours

Lantau Peak (5/5) – A treat for early risers

Photo: Journeyera

Lantau Peak is the second-highest peak in Hong Kong, famous for its West Dog’s Teeth Ridge route. The route is listed in the top 5 challenging hiking spots in Hong Kong. It contains tough ridge lines with overgrown trees and bushes. Steep inclines and scrambles are inevitable obstacles to reaching the peak. On the plus side, hikers can choose their routes on their way down; either continue the challenge by taking the West Dog’s Teeth Ridge route, or opt for the easy route along the South face with a visit to the Tian Tan Buddha. It is recommended for morning hikers to set off at 4 am to enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

Location: Lantau Island
Distance: 8.77km
Duration: 4 – 5 hours

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Kowloon Peak (6/5) – You are Spartan!

Photo: Hike Hong Kong

Never underestimate Kowloon Peak’s relatively low elevation. Although Kowloon peak is not listed among the top 10 highest mountains in Hong Kong, it is arguably one of the most challenging hiking routes. This is due to its ominously named “Suicide Cliff”. The route consists of very steep climbs and narrow paths. Hikers must be extra careful when embarking on this trail. It is highly recommended for thrill-seeking hikers who are unscared of heights. An unforgettable Instagram post is guaranteed once you make it to the top of the peak.

Location: New Kowloon
Distance: 6.8km
Duration: 4.5 hours

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