7 activities to do in Hong Kong to make you feel you’re abroad

Feeling stuck in Hong Kong? Do you want to experience as if you’re abroad travelling even though you are still locked down in the city? Take a look at these seven activities in Hong Kong that will make you feel as if you are someplace else.

1. 2-Day Eco Adventure Sail

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This sailing adventure is all about what it’s like to experience overnighting in a sailboat. The adventure starts by sailing through Port Shelter (otherwise known as “Ngau Mei Hoi” in Cantonese, which is located south of the Sai Kung peninsula), then stopping by High Island for fresh seafood lunch. The sailing will continue towards the beautiful, clear waters of Tai Long Wan, where you will spend the night. Sailors will have the option to sleep on the boat or sleep on the beach in arranged tents and sleeping bags. The second day begins with a hike up Sharp Peak (or Nam She Tsim), or if you’re looking for a more leisurely morning, adventurers can start the day with a fresh continental breakfast aboard the boat and free time on the beach.

2. Helicopter tour

Photo: Hello! Hong Kong

See the city from high up in the sky with a Hong Kong helicopter tour. The aircraft contains a maximum of six passenger seats, cool air-conditioning, and clear views of the scenery all around. This aerial tour offers a unique way to see the world famous Victoria Harbour, the evergreen hills of Geopark, and Hong Kong’s beautiful tropical bays and beaches. Depending on your desired area, the tour can be as short as 18-minutes, and as long as 45-minutes. So if you love flying, but don’t want to (or can’t) go outside of Hong Kong, this is the tour for you.

3. Island Hopping

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Photo: Hong Kong OFW

Although Hong Kong is more known for its luxurious, sky high buildings, its islands are just as outstanding. There are many islands that offer adventure and excitement, islands such as Peng Chau, Lamma Island, Lantau Island, and the most notably Cheung Chau. Part of the fun in island hopping is the journey to reach each island; to some, the trip starts the moment you get on the boat or ferry. For a moment, you get caught up in the natural scenery of the deep blue ocean and green hills that you forget you’re still in Hong Kong. You feel as if you’re travelling to an earthly place that is the complete opposite of Hong Kong’s cityscape.

4. Ziplining

Photo: Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure

Step into an extreme, hair raising experience that will bound to make you think you’re in a whole other world. Ziplining is an experience for people looking for some intensity, excitement, and a little bit of danger. Be blown away by the speed and thrill of descending to the ground, and take in as much of the scenery as you can because the ride will go by you in an instant. The Tung Lung Island Zipline is what we recommend for anyone who’s new to it. They provide an itinerary for the day that also includes a ferry trip to the island, proper safety demonstrations, and a soothing hike to and from the destination and meeting place, making it perfect for thrill seekers who are new to the activity.

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5. Paragliding

Photo: Hello! Hong Kong

Another exciting activity with a little bit of danger for thrill seekers out there. Paraglide your way down one of Hong Kong’s numerous, beautiful mountains. In comparison to ziplining, this one feels much safer because it’s a tandem flight. That means there will be a trained professional that will guide you during the glide. Fliers can choose to glide down from Sunset Peak, Ma On Shan near Sai Kung, or even on top of Dragon’s Back. Ascendis Sports offers the perfect paragliding experience, their offer includes a drive up the mountain only until a certain point, then a hike up to the peak, then finally the exciting glide down the mountain that lasts around 10-20 minutes. Happy flying!

6. Canyoning

Photo: Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure

Get ready to go on a rocky adventure by canyoning your way through Hong Kong’s mystical canyons. Hike, climb, slide, jump, and swing your way around nature until you reach the magnificent Mai Tai or Ping Nam Stream. Your safety is secured because the company, Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure, provides proper canyoning equipment and guidance to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun time. So prepare yourselves for the adventure of a lifetime.

7. Team building boat thing

Photo: Hello! Hong Kong

Looking to sail around the sea with a crew of friends or even your workmates? Because Hello Hong Kong offers a 7-hour, team building boating activity where you and your crew will be challenged to learn new skills, get out of your comfort zones, and foster teamwork; work together to maneuver the boat or divide into groups to try timed skill tests in competition. For larger groups, a second boat can be included for boat vs boat match racing.

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