Audi trailblazes path to Hong Kong EV market

Cars have always been an essential possession in one’s everyday life. It provides privacy, safety, and comfortability when commuting from one place to another.

As we progress into the future, businesses are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability without compromising their bottom lines. For automobile manufacturers with top-performance cars, such progression is integral to sail through the 21st century.

Audi A8 L. Photo: Audi Hong Kong

In the case of Audi, they present their latest flagship, The Audi A8 L, to act as a trailblazer that symbolises status, prestige and sustainability.

Last month, Audi Hong Kong presented its all-new premium flagship, The Audi A8 L, which delivers sophisticated design and a spacious interior that was engineered for both luxury and comfort.

Space for progress

Ms. Jacquiline Harvey, Chief Representative of AUDI AG Hong Kong Office. Photo: Audi Hong Kong

The Audi A8 showcases its spacious and sleek design to let the public know about its mission for “Space for Progress”. Audi mobility designer, Sainath Ajayan, says that a car in today’s world is an extension of one’s lifestyle at home.

The concept is meant to encourage the next generation to think freely and creatively, beyond existing designs. A feat that tech entrepreneur, Philipp Hartmann, tries to achieve. To him, the pinnacle of luxury is having enough space.

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Shaping future mobility in Hong Kong

Audi Q5 Sportback X Rings of Inspiration. Photo: Audi Hong Kong

The Audi A8 L is equipped with innovative high-end technology, an elegant exterior, flawless design and premium equipment. But other than the promise of fantastic mobility on the road, it also brings mobility in transitioning Hong Kong into using more electric vehicles.

The carmaker says that it has engineered the vehicle to be the future blueprint of sustainable, luxury automobiles in not just Hong Kong, but around the world as well.

Audi A8 L. Photo: Audi Hong Kong

John Leung, general manager of Audi at Kam Lung Motors says, “Hong Kong has been much quicker at transforming into a BEV (battery electric vehicle) market than the rest of the world. Our successful Audi e-tron SUV, Sportback, and the very positive reception of the Audi e-tron GT show that customers love our new BEV products.”

Chief representative of AUDI AG Hong Kong office, Jacquiline Harvey, adds that the A8’s light digitisation truly points the way to a bright future, bringing a forward-looking customer experience to all drivers and car enthusiasts; it marks the first step in creating an era of mobility through sustainability, innovation, and digitisation.

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