New fragrance collections for a fresh summer

Fragrances bring different moods to different occasions. As we’re dipping into the summer, we draw your attention to the following collections that will make your summer memories even more special


Diptyque pays tribute to Mediterranean nature by dedicating its entire summer collection, Summer Essentials. Joining hands with French artist Matthieu Cossé, summer 2022 Diptyque sees the emblematic Mediterranean scents highlighted as olfactory reminiscences of the landscapes of Italy, Provence and Greece.

Taking the name from ilios, meaning Sun in Greek, Ilio is a concentrate of summer itself, captured in a bottle – a breath of warm air cut across with addictive fragrances from flowers and fruit trees. It will brighten and freshen up during the warm months, adding notes that blend bergamot, iris and jasmine.


Five iconic fragrances are dressed in the colours of a beautiful Dior summer. This limited edition of La Collection Privée showcases a new type of casual elegance with five scents in their cylindrical signature cases. The highlights of these different scents bring us to the island of Panarea, with a breath of sea breeze in Eden-Roc; accents of white stone blended with Provençal pine; and the powerful sensation of Balade Sauvage.

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Well known for its much-celebrated signature scent, Côte d’Azur, Oribe introduces a collection of three gender-neutral fragrances based on this scent. Each fragrance evokes an individual mood and embodies its own unique identity. The aromas transport the wearer to dreamlike destinations, sparking that special feeling for a truly sensory experience.

Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is a luxury address for lovers of exceptional and exclusive fragrance beauty. The boutique’s luxurious and exclusive Palais Roya bottle, named Flacons de table, played a crucial role in forging the reputation of Serge Lutens. Bringing good news to all niche scent lovers in Hong Kong, the brand has made eight selected fragrances available this year.

The highlight includes the rose-scented Sa majesté la rose, nuts and dried fruits-scented Arabie, and honey scent-infused Cèdre.

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis Kurkdjian introduces the new Cologne forte collection with the motto of a healthy mind in a healthy body at its core. Built upon bergamot (the fundamental ingredient of the traditional eau de Cologne) and different ingredients and accords that modulate without distorting the original inspiration, their freshness plays a leading role in these new creations.

Conveying this very freshness through sensations induced by light, the collection has three variations: Aqua Universalis, Aqua Vitae, and Aqua Celestia.

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