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Pageant queen and co-founder of a yoga studio, Elva Ni, and her husband, Vincent Ng, are a power couple who don’t shy away from adventures of any sort. They talk to Ha Rin Choi about their worldly experiences and how to live that east-meets-west lifestyle

Without a question, Elva Ni and Vincent Ng as a power couple exude lively, youthful and positive vibes. As such, they will never be the ones to shy away from embarking on new adventures. Though the definition of adventure varies from person to person, occasion to occasion, some say the mere fact of moving forward with something new is an adventure in itself.

‘Kenzo Poppy’ waistcoat, ‘Kenzo Poppy’ Skirt, Blue printed denim jacket ‘Hana Dots’, Blue printed loose denim pants ‘Hana Dots’, and ‘Kenzo Poppy’ t-shirt by Kenzo

To the businessman, Vincent Ng, adventure has a somewhat different meaning. “Adventure is full of uncertainty, which comprises risks, excitement, and surprises,” he says.

His wife, Elva Ni, has always been up for an adventure, as she has a wide range of experiences starting from being a shy teen to pageant queen, to being a co-founder of a Hong Kong-based yoga studio. She has always considered her move from Canada to Hong Kong as a benefit to her career and a necessary part of her development.

‘Kenzo Poppy’ tie shirt and ‘Kenzo Poppy’ midi skirt by Kenzo

Her favourite adventure quote is: “Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.”

“I love this quote,” she says. “As such, I’m always looking forward to my next adventure.”

Though both are still mid-career, the couple has travelled and moved across the globe. Relocating west and then back east for their careers, the husband and wife duo see the value of these moves and eventually adopted their own east-meets-west lifestyles. This is even more apparent in their fashion sense.

‘Kenzo Poppy’ bucket hat, ‘Kenzo Poppy’ denim workwear jacket, ‘Kenzo Poppy’ t-shirt, ‘Sakura Flower’ miniskirt, Blue printed denim jacket ‘Hana Dots’, and Blue printed loose denim pants ‘Hana Dots’ by Kenzo

Vincent says it’s all about achieving “freedom and harmony” when it comes to integrating both cultures into their everyday lives. Not unlike the philosophy infused by Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada in his fashion label, Kenzo, in which the couple appears in a fashion shoot for this month.

“There are many fashion icons inspired by western and eastern culture in their designs. [And above all], my favourite is Kenzo Takada,” Ni says. “He always brings bright colours and a sense of fun and joy to his designs. I also love to dress in different colourful and amusing clothes. Yes, I can’t wait to see the new adventure of Kenzo led by Nigo as well.”

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Ng’s three-part role of being an asset manager, husband and father (for Ni, a model, wife and mother) comes with very tight everyday schedules. As such, being constantly prepared and on the go is a consequence of his busy lifestyle.

“It is vital (to always be ready),” Ng explains. “Without this kind of freedom or flexibility to be on the go, it isn’t easy to seek new adventures to broaden their experience.”

It ties back to his propensity for adventure. He points out that the lack of preparation can lead to unsatisfying results. “Sometimes, opportunities (that you could explore if you were ready) could be missed,” he says.

‘Kenzo Poppy’ waistcoat and ‘Kenzo Poppy’ Skirt by Kenzo

Adding to it, Ni underscores making a habit of always being tidy and managing inner beauty is a must. “I got the habit of looking over my schedule for the next day and getting prepared the night before. It ranges from reading over a brief of my events to picking out my outfit,” she explains.

The model emphasises the necessity of adjusting as well. “I have also learned that things always change in this day and age; as my schedule changes throughout the day, I’m learning to adapt and improvise to make things work.”

‘Kenzo Poppy’ bucket hat, ‘Kenzo Poppy’ denim workwear jacket, ‘Kenzo Poppy’ t-shirt, and ‘Sakura Flower’ miniskirt by Kenzo

Being a fashionista and a busy mom, it may be challenging to keep her wardrobe up to date while tending to her day-to-day family obligations. However, Ni isn’t one to slack off and does a terrific job maintaining her responsibilities at home. That doesn’t mean she can’t keep pace with the world of fashion.

“I love to read fashion magazines with my son to let him explore different colours in the magazines. I also love to be dressed in matching outfits while watching all the fashion shows online, I point out all the outfits I like, and I love to know what outfits he loves. Our favourite memory was wearing colourful and bright Kenzo clothes and watching the show together.”

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This fashionable power couple is looking forward to having their next holiday as Hong Kong is slowly opening up from the pandemic restriction. After restaining themselves for an extended period like the majority of people in Hong Kong, the two mentioned Maldives and Hawaii as their dream holiday destinations.

“I would love to go to the Maldives, enjoy the beautiful sun, beaches, snorkel and go to the spa,” Ni says. “I used to have hectic schedules for my vacations before I had my son. These days, I want to relax and chill by the pool and on the beach.”

‘Kenzo Poppy’ tie shirt, ‘Kenzo Poppy’ midi skirt, ‘Kenzo Poppy’ denim workwear jacket, and Bara slim fit jeans by Kenzo

Like Ni, Ng describes himself as big on active holidays in the past. “[I] used to be big on active holidays back in the school days,” he says. However, as a devoted husband and father, his family will always come first.

“Now that I recently became a father, there are more priorities I should be focusing on, so I will put the active holiday mindset to my dreams for now. And I would love to return to Hawaii and spend more time exploring there when I have the chance in future.”

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