#wellness: crystals for every stage of love

Baby, don’t worry. This Valentine’s month, Kaye Dong, founder of wellness platform The New Moon, and Nelly To, founder of Nelles Gemmes, offer Zaneta Cheng some insight into the rituals, crystals and mantras to try in the search for true love – with yourself or others

The past three years passed like a fever dream but they also gave rise to a chance to look inward in a way none of us likely ever has before. For the first time, we couldn’t escape our problems. Trapped at home, metaphysical healing went from strange occult practice to a niche hobby to a mainstream, obvious course of action.

Crystals, tarot, sage and everything “woo woo” have become cemented into popular culture and we, for one, are keen to see all of these self-examination and healing rituals stick around. This Valentine’s Day is no different. In spite of the world returning to normal, we propose to keep a lil’ bit of this magic around.

Looking for love?

Rose Quartz | Pink Amethyst | Green Fluorite | Green Aventurine

For Kaye Dong, founder of wellness platform The New Moon, it’s important to open the heart chakra. “In order to truly love another, we must know how to self-love,” she says. “The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and represents love. When our heart chakra is blocked for love, we hold grudges, feel unfulfilled, find it hard to trust and become jealous and judgmental.”

How to open the heart chakra? Some of Dong’s suggestions include metta meditation, a type of Buddhist meditation that’s also referred to as a loving-kindness meditation to strengthen feelings of kindness and positive energy towards oneself and others. Practised by certain Buddhist sects for thousands of years, it involves repeating kind and positive phrases and directing imagined energy towards yourself and others. Recordings of a guided practice can be found through institutions such as Tsz Shan Monastery and other Buddhist associations and bodies.

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In addition, gratitude journaling is a daily mindfulness practice that Dong says can help build a positive mindset alongside heart chakra affirmations and heart chakra frequencies. “My favourite affirmations are ‘I am worthy of love’, ‘I choose love every day’ and ‘I deserve fulfilling relationships,’” she notes. “And listening to the 639 Hz solfeggio frequency activates healing and attracts love.”

Of course, when it comes to love, those who are interested in self-healing practices and crystals will most likely point to rose quartz as the go-to rock for meditation. “Rose quartz is a gentle and nurturing crystal that’s ideal for manifesting new relationships and deepening existing ones, whether it’s the relationship you have with yourself or with others,” says Dong. “You can use the rose quartz crystal during meditation or simply place it on your heart chakra and feel the gentle energy enter your body.”

Already in love?

Rhodochrosite | Moonstone | Moss Agate | Ametrine

But there are crystals that can target more specific aspects of love. Nelly To of Nelles Gemmes, whose crystals are stocked at Joyce Hong Kong, can recommend a host of options for people in any type of relationship. For example, those looking for love can turn to rose quartz, pink amethyst, green fluorite or green aventurine.

“Simply meditate with these stones by holding them in your left hand with the 852 Hz frequency playing in the background,” To says. “Visualise pink-coloured energy entering your high heart area and green-coloured energy entering your heart space and tell yourself in your heart that you are loved, you deserve being loved and that you love yourself. Tell yourself that you are surrounded by love vibrations and send messages to the universe that you are ready for a relationship.”

For those who are already in a relationship and want more romance, trust and stability, To recommends rhodochrosite, moonstone, moss agate and ametrine. “Rhodochrosite is the national stone of Argentina. It represents true love. Moonstone enhances women’s sex drive and feminine energy, and it’s a famous love stone,” To says.

“Moss agate brings harmony to a family and to couples. Ametrine also balances yin-yang energy so it stabilises a couple and diminishes extreme emotions or behaviours. Place these in the southwest-facing area of the house (the direction for relationships) or next to the bed.”

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