5 crystals for summoning courage and confidence

Whether you want that extra push to step out of your comfort zone, courage to take on new adventures, or are just looking for a little confidence boost, here are five crystals that can help

Courage and confidence are energies we all have within us, but at times we need a little reminder to get back on track. Confidence can affect a lot of things. It can help us face our fears, make decisions that are in line with our heart, and it can help us honour our truth and show up from a place of stability and purpose. 

At times we can be our own worst enemy, we may fall into destructive patterns of self-sabotage, we may question our power or doubt our abilities. These patterns can affect our confidence and bring us out of balance. Crystals can help us find our inner strength in many different ways, whether it be boosting our self-confidence, releasing fears and anxieties, encouraging healthy boundaries or protecting our energy from negativity. By working with crystals, we can harness their powerful healing properties, tune into a higher vibration and embrace a more positive mindset. 

Here are five empowering crystals to help you tap into your inner strength. 

Sunstone: The stone of empowerment

Sunstone is an energising crystal that is said to be connected to happiness, positivity and light. This orangey-red crystal supercharges all the chakras, especially the sacral and solar plexus chakras, which are important energetic centers for working on confidence and courage. Like the sun’s vibrant rays, sunstone lends light where there is darkness, bringing warmth and vitality to its surroundings. Sunstone helps boost confidence, encourage independence and release fears or self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. It shines light on your inner gifts and asks you to fully step into your power.

How to use: Meditate with it holding close to your lower chakras. Visualise a swirling orange light expanding from the stone’s core outwards, building momentum and size until it illuminates your entire body and the space around you. Allow this light to wash away any negativity from your aura.

Carnelian: The stone of vitality

Carnelian is a stone of motivation, action and endurance. Its bold energy works with the three lower chakras to ignite motivation, promote courage and stimulate creativity. Carnelian activates your inner power, releases self-doubt and empowers you to take action towards your goals. This energising crystal combats laziness and ignites a bold, goal-getter energy to help you get things done. Carnelian’s powerful vibration raises self-confidence and instils unwavering faith in your abilities making it a great ally if you want to move past fear and step out of your comfort zone. 

How to use: Carry carnelian close to your lower chakras when you want a boost of energy, creativity or motivation. Take it with you to the gym – it’ll remind you to give your best.

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Tiger Eye: The stone of leadership

Tiger eye is a stone of bravery, leadership and responsibility. It is believed to have powerful protective properties and was used in ancient times as a talisman against the evil eye, curses and bad luck. As a solar plexus chakra stone, it strengthens willpower, encourages discipline and raises self-confidence. Tiger eye is also known to sharpen focus, encourage wise-decision making and balance yin and yang energy. It will keep you grounded and resilient even in the midst of chaos by sharpening your awareness to energetic threats that disrupt your inner peace.  

How to use: Work with tiger eye when you want to enhance leadership qualities, make decisions or take action. Take it with you to important meetings, interviews or moments when you need to be your best.

Aquamarine: The stone of courage

Known as a stone of courage, truth and organisation, aquamarine is a treasured gemstone with a long history in ancient lore. It is said that sea merchants carried aquamarine to protect them in the open waters, bring them courage, and overcome the fear of drowning. Aquamarine is a calming stone that activates the throat chakra, the energetic centre associated with expression, communication and speaking your truth. Its benefits include calming, developing self-trust and empowering you to express your true feelings. Aquamarine is a great stone for you if you have fears around communication; whether public speaking or expressing yourself in social groups. Aquamarine will wash away any overwhelm or anxiety, bring strength to your voice and help you articulate yourself with confidence and clarity. 

How to use: Wear aquamarine close to the throat chakra. Work with aquamarine to release fears or anxieties around communication and expression – it will empower you to speak your truth.

Black Tourmaline: The stone of stability

Black Tourmaline is deeply connected to the root chakra, the energetic centre that helps you feel grounded, safe and secure in your place on these earthly planes. When the root chakra is in balance, it brings deep-seated confidence and feelings of safety and stability. When out of balance we may feel fearful, lost and disconnected.  This potent inky black stone offers mighty protective and grounding properties; it’ll shield you from toxic energies, psychic attacks and EMF pollution from electrical devices. By strengthening root chakra it’ll enhance feelings of stability so you can go out and shine with confidence. Black tourmaline not only counteracts external negative energies but will help absolve any of your own dark feelings, negative thoughts or anxious vibrations turning them into radiant light. This is a great stone for you if you are sensitive to other people’s stress or want to protect yourself from negativity

How to use: Keep black tourmaline close by during times of stress or transition – it’ll keep you grounded and centred. Place it next to electrical devices to absorb and transmute EMF pollution. 

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