5 powerful healing crystals for Libras

The Crystal Van shares five crystals that are best for guiding Libras towards harmony and balance

From September 23 to October 22, the Sun is in Libra. Libras are represented by the scales and ruled by the planet Venus. As an air sign, they are often the thinkers, communicators and doers of the zodiac. 

Libras are intelligent, tactful and diplomatic individuals who seek harmony and balance in all aspects of their lives. They are easy-going and sociable people who get along with almost anyone and have the ability to see the positive and negative of any situation. They have a strong sense of justice and are natural peacemakers who have a calm, balanced energy about them.

On the flip side, Libras can be indecisive, judgmental and superficial. Their desire to surround themselves with beauty can lead to overindulgence and judgment towards what they perceive as ugly. 

One of Libra’s main weaknesses is they tend to be people-pleasers; they try to make everyone happy because they crave harmony and hate conflict. They’ll spend hours weighing the pros and cons and struggle to commit to something.   

Libra season is all about finding balance. During this time, we may have a greater desire for peace and harmony in our lives. It makes a good time to reassess relationships and friendships, eliminate things or people that push you out of alignment, and strike a balance between work and play. Here are the five best crystals to work with Libra energy. 


Lepidolite is considered one of the best stones to relieve stress, anxiety, worry or panic. This lilac grey stone brings a deep sense of calm thanks to its natural source of lithium, a mineral often found in depression and anxiety medications. Lepidolite helps one release negative patterns of self-sabotage, insecurities or self-limiting beliefs and encourages emotional independence.

It assists one to let go of a victim mentality and illuminates a path forward. Working closely with the heart and third eye chakra Lepidolite clears mind clutter and release the need for co-dependency and increases self-worth. 

Libras tend to overthink and analyse situations repeatedly; lepidolite helps them get out of their head, easing anxiety and reoccurring thoughts. 

How to use: Carry Lepidolite to calm you during times of stress or overwhelm. Place under your pillow to promote peaceful sleep.  

Tourmalinated quartz

A stone of protection, grounding and clarity. Tourmalinated quartz is a powerful combination of black tourmaline and clear quartz carrying the energies of both stones. They work together to restore harmony, offer grounding and balance yin and yang energy. Clear quartz, the stone of clarity amplifies energy and thought while black tourmaline, the stone of protection and release, reconnects you to earth with its grounding properties. This purifying stone raises the vibration of any space, dispels negativity, and replaces it with positive light energy. It keeps the energetic traffic around you clean and pure making it a great stone for meditation or when you want to focus. 

Libras, symbolised by the scales of justice, constantly seek harmony and balance in their surroundings and within. The stabilising energies of tourmalinated quartz keep this air sign grounded while offering focus and insight to the deep-thinking Libra.   

How to use: Carry tourmalinated quartz for protection against negativity. If you’re feeling ungrounded, take it with you on a walking meditation. With the stone in your hand, imagine any negative energy moving from your head down the body through your feet and into the ground dissolving in the earth.  

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Rainbow moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, intuition and self-development. It works with the crown and third eye chakras to stimulate creativity, enhance perception and inner vision. Moonstone is said to be one of the best stones for fertility and for balancing female hormones. Its connection to the moon and the tides is believed to help sync up the rhythms of lunar energy with the rhythms of the female body. This magical stone is also believed to bring about new beginnings, serendipity and synchronicity – making it great to use for manifesting something new or positive transitions. 

Moonstone is the perfect stone for Libra as its energies are all about harmony. It supports the peacemaker Libra in their efforts to solve problems and maintain balance.   

How to use: Moonstone is extra powerful when used in conjunction with the moon phases. Use during a new moon to manifest new beginnings, set new intuitions and goals. Use during a full moon to release anything that no longer serves you. 


Kunzite’s energy is all about unconditional love, appreciation and heart healing. It boosts self-confidence, eases anxiety and strengthens one’s sense of self and purpose. This heart chakra crystal dissolves emotional trauma or past hurts pain and inspires you to live in the present with an open heart. This is the stone to reach for when you want to mend a broken heart – it frees you from any blame you put on yourself and encourages self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Kunzite breaks down protective walls you’ve put up out of fear and helps you move forward with optimism and openness to new opportunities that come your way. 

Kunzite teaches indecisive Libra to focus their attention inward and trust their heart and own intuition. 

How to use: Work with kunzite when you are ready to break down barriers and make room for healing and abundant love. Meditate with kunzite asking it to help you release burdens and pain from the past.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a powerful crystal for activating the mind. It promotes wisdom, creativity and aids the process of learning. This cobalt blue stone with specks of gold, from inclusions of pyrite, was considered a stone of royalty in ancient Egypt and believed to lead the soul into immortality.  Resonating with the third eye chakra, the energetic centre associated with intuition and inner vision, lapis lazuli enhances clarity of thought, perception and stimulates the desire for knowledge. 

This stone teaches the importance of active listening and authentic self-expression making it great for teachers, artists, creatives, singers or dancers. 

Lapis lazuli helps indecisive Libra confront truths and make decisions. It teaches them to be authentic, even if it does mean conflict and disrupting the equilibrium.

How to use: Wear lapis lazuli on a necklace close to the throat chakra to support confident communication and speaking your truth. Hold lapis lazuli while studying to stimulate the mind and process of learning. 

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