Ferrari: Maintaining luxury cars with The Ferrari Classiche Programme

The Ferrari Classiche Programme and Corso Pilota Classiche help owners honour, enjoy and preserve the rich heritage and exceptional performance of the Italian marque

When you own a Ferrari, you don’t just get the thrill of driving one of the world’s greatest sports cars. You also get a piece of history that stretches back to 1947, when the Italian brand’s racing car roots evolved into the technically advanced and boldly designed road cars we know today.

While most of the cars produced from the dawn of the marque to today still exist and run, thanks in large part to the care taken by their owners, Ferrari has made it a priority to protect the invaluable heritage that the Prancing Horse represents and provide owners with the support they need for everything from everyday driving to participation in classic car events.

The Ferrari Classiche Programme, which is supported by the Ferrari Classiche Department that launched in 2006, offers a highly qualified and exclusive service that ensures the maintenance of each vehicle’s value while also safeguarding the technical heritage of the Ferrari brand and, therefore, the owner’s investment.

The Ferrari Classiche service begins with the Certificate of Authenticity, which is designed for all Ferrari road cars over 20 years old as well as Ferrari F1, Sportscars and Sport-Prototypes, with no restrictions on the age of the car. In addition to protecting the priceless heritage of an historic car, this unique service – which can only be performed by the original Maranello workshop in northern Italy – increases sale value while giving owners access to the brand’s most prestigious official events.

Ferraris are universally considered special cars, synonymous with mechanical excellence and cutting-edge technology, which means they require a special kind of maintenance.

The Classiche Department has created a network of selected workshops around the world that can offer ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in compliance with the brand’s strict standards.

The activities performed are recorded and supplied together with the Certificate to maintain a record of the car’s perfect mechanical operation and bodywork as well as the vehicle’s correspondence to the information contained in the Certificate of Authenticity.

The Classiche team also undertakes restorations of historic cars at its Maranello workshop, the only site that has access to the in-house foundry and machining tools used to manufacture the original parts. Any model can be faithfully restored to its original splendour so that it not only looks but performs as well as it did when it first left the factory.

Indeed, there are few experiences for Ferrari owners that compare to driving a classic Prancing Horse model in its purest form. The Corso Pilota Classiche driving course offers just that, inviting owners to pilot a thoroughbred Ferrari on the brand’s private Fiorana track in Maranello under the tutelage of professional drivers. Ferrari has a selection of superbly maintained Ferrari 308 GTB from the 1970s, 3.2 Mondial from the 1980s and 550 Maranello from the 1990s.

The two-day course covers Ferrari’s brand heritage, driving theory and classic car engineering while also including a factory tour, practice laps as well as laps with an expert instructor, and a steering pad session to master counter-steering technique. Exclusive to Ferrari owners, the Corso Pilota Classiche is another example of why owning a Prancing Horse is unlike owning any other car in the world.

For more information, please contact the official dealer and authorised Classiche Workshop Blackbird Concessionaires Limited at +852 2376 8080.

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