#legend100: Bonnie Chan celebrates International Women’s Day

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Strong women are everywhere, and we’re celebrating them this #InternationalWomensDay by shining a spotlight on some of our #legend100 ladies including Hong Kong model, yogi and wellness advocate, Bonnie Chan. Find out what she loves most about being a woman and how she’ll be marking #IWD2021 below:

What’s the best thing about being a woman?

Being multidimensional, especially in this era. These days, we can take care of our family while having a career at the same time. It’s heartwarming to witness a growing amount of support and praise for women to do all of this, with pride. 

Who is your #womancrush?

Michelle Obama. She is a great inspiration and embodies the four pillars of a successful woman to me:

  • A loving wife and wonderful mother.
  • An ambitious woman with a successful career
  • Using her mass influence to help others
  • Having fun and staying fabulous while doing all of that!

How will you be celebrating #InternationalWomensDay?

With the ones I love. 

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