Chloe So is a former member of the girl group As One, which disbanded in 2017. Although the group did not achieve the level of popularity they had hoped for, So states she is grateful for the experience and friendships she formed with her bandmates. She explains that mastering her singing and dancing skills during her time in As One was extremely beneficial to her career following the band’s separation. Although So initially experienced a period of uncertainty afterwards, she stayed true to her passion and landed a job in the remake for a classic lemon tea ad that brought her to prominence again. Since then, her career as an actress and singer has advanced with significant roles in TV series, such as Golden Night Mansion 2 and Those I Loved. She also had a song in the Pokémon Roll Call animation released in 2018. Despite all the uncertainties and challenges she has faced, So remains laser focused on doing her best in the present moment and taking things one step at a time.

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