The multi-talented Anita Chui is a singer, actress and film producer. After finishing secondary school in Hong Kong, she moved to the UK, where she received a degree in accounting and marketing from the University of Central Lancashire. While pursuing her master’s degree course in business administration at the University of Sheffield, Chui represented the university as part of their cheerleading team. During the second year of her master’s degree, she signed a five-year acting contract with Sun Entertainment Culture. She has appeared in over 20 local Hong Kong films. In 2017, Chui left Sun Entertainment Culture to study acting and film production at the Met Film School in London. She was the first and only Chinese nominee of the World Bloggers Awards in Cannes for 2019. After meeting, Charles Guérin Surville, a French director, Chui and Surville decided to produce a film together. The French-Italian film, Follia, will make its way to French cinemas in September 2023.

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