What did we see at Milan’s men fashion week 2024?

As the world of menswear advances swiftly, is it time to embrace innovative styles and trends?

The recently concluded Fall-Winter 2024-2025 Men’s Fashion Week in Milan has certainly made waves, showcasing bold statements, innovative designs, and a noticeable evolution in the perception of contemporary masculinity. Noteworthy moments included the distinctive vision presented by Sabato De Sarno at Gucci and the impactful influence of Giorgio Armani across his fashion empire. Let’s delve into the highlights that captivated our attention.

Gucci: The bold and rebel

Image Courtesy: Gucci

Sabato De Sarno and his showcase of men’s fashion in the Gucci Menswear Fall Winter 2024 collection can truly be described as a memorable debut. De Sarno has effectively wiped away the memory of Gucci in the style of Alessandro Michele. While prints and patterns still played a prominent role in this fashion show, they did not overwhelm to the extent of becoming the focal point. However, suits, blazers, coats, and various tailored items were reintroduced with a fresh perspective, incorporating contemporary details and ensuring practical wearability. Despite occasional gender-fluid looks and playful elements through color tones, monogram placements, and the use of luxurious materials, the overall impression of the show signifies a significant departure from the extravagant image established by Alessandro Michele. Gucci, under Sabato De Sarno, seems to be embracing a new era with finesse and completeness.

Fendi: The merge of town and country

Image Courtesy: Fendi

Fendi’s Fall Winter 2024 collection managed to seamlessly blend the concepts of ‘town’ and ‘country’ in a beautifully sophisticated manner. Beyond the clear distinction between these two themes, the show stood out for its creative reinterpretation of traditional countryside elements such as kilts, seamlessly integrating them into modern menswear. The styling choices, including footwear and accessories, demonstrated an impressive harmony. Simultaneously, the urban-inspired pieces showcased contemporary color tones, diverse garment structures, and thoughtful pairings, presenting Fendi’s vision for the modern man with boldness and an impressive narrative.

Prada: Back to work with the sophisticated essence

Image Courtesy: Prada

Prada’s Fall Winter 2024 collection tells a unique story and reflects on workwear from a different perspective. The use of fresh colour tones in accessories like hats and neckties, combined with formal attire structures, introduces an innovative touch to the workwear aesthetic. Elements of tailoring and sartorial craftsmanship were skillfully woven into the designs, adding a playful aspect to the attire for the modern man. This could be interpreted as a signal that the era of working from home is truly over, and the return to the office is a new baseline that Prada is ready to embrace.

Zegna: Back to its roots

Image Courtesy: Zegna

Under the leadership of Alessandro Sartori, the Fall Winter 2024 collection draws inspiration from Oasi Zegna, a region abundant in greenery and natural elements. While the source of inspiration may not be immediately evident in the designs, the use of Oasi Cashmere as a 100 per cent traceable material for the collection is a clear commitment to sustainability. The collection showcases a deliberate effort towards sustainable fashion, allowing those interested to follow the production processes and life cycle of this material. This serves as a significant testament that men’s luxury fashion can detach from environmentally harmful materials while maintaining its opulence.

Armani: The ideal sartorial with the modern twist

Image Courtesy: Giorgio Armani

Fashion legend Giorgio Armani officially presented the Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection, showcasing a concept that embodies the timeless essence of Armani, featuring simplicity, luxury, and a classic aesthetic. These elements were prominently featured in almost every look of the collection. However, the brand did not neglect to incorporate modern fashion elements, evident through size expansions, structural adjustments, fabric patterns, colour tones, and styling choices. This collection stands out as one of the most commercially appealing and aesthetically pleasing at Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2024, striking an impressive balance between classic and contemporary fashion.

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