Fashion shoot: Giddy up

Sometimes a sturdy utilitarian look put together with some pizazz is what you need, because you never know where the road will take you

Brown suede jacket _ Brioni; Blue striped shirt and jeans _ Loewe; (Model’s own shoes)

On Chan: Brown striped shirt _ Fendi; Brown waistcoat _ Ralph Lauren Purple Label; Green trousers _ Loro Piana; (Model’s own shoes and stylist’s own hat)
On Kodie: Beige shirt and green jacket _ Loro Piana; White T-shirt _ Calvin Klein; Brown trousers _ Ralph Lauren Purple Label; (Stylist’s own bandana)
On Chan: White shirt _ Gucci; Denim jacket and jeans _ Kenzo; Black tie _ Dunhill; (Model’s own shoes)
On Kodie: Blue suede jacket _ Berluti; White striped shirt _ Bottega Veneta; Beige trousers and brown leather slippers _ Polo Ralph Lauren
On Chan: White shirt _ Loewe; Utility vest _ Givenchy; Green trousers _ Loro Piana;(Model’s own shoes)
On Kodie: Green knit top _ Loro Piana; Blue shirt and jeans _ Polo Ralph Lauren; Black leather shoes _ Gucci

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