Watch: Billie Eilish’s new self-directed ‘NDA’ music video

A month after her slumber-party song Lost Cause, Billie Eilish is back on the streets, risking life and limb in her music video for NDA. The song and video, dropped earlier this week, are the fifth single to be released in preparation for her sophomore album Happier Than Ever scheduled to come out July 30. 

Eilish digs deep for the song, opening up about the darker side of fame. Referencing the stalker that camped outside her home in 2020, Eilish sings in an eerie voice, “Had to save my money for security / Got a stalker walkin’ up and down the street.” Later in the same verse, she talks about needing to use a non-disclosure agreement (hence the title) during a romantic encounter, juxtaposing the human connection with the distrust and caution that comes with being in the public eye. 

In the video, the harsh light of stardom is switched out with the headlights of cars racing past as Eilish walks down a dark desert road, constantly pushing the anxiety of a crash. The project was accomplished with the help of 25 stunt drivers, spinning around as Eilish becomes more and more emotionally distressed. Check out the haunting video above. 

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