The top Mandopop artistes and songs on Spotify

As everyone shares their 2023 Spotify Wrapped, David Ho looks at what the data says about Mandopop

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Mandopop saw a 45% growth spurt in streams on Spotify in the past year. The streaming platform has seen the genre rise among listeners from non-Asian markets like Brazil, Mexico and Germany.

“It’s incredible to see Mandopop consumption growing globally as Spotify continues to connect music cultures with audiences from all over the world, showcasing a slate of extraordinary talents – both seasoned and emerging, driving music discovery,” says Kossy Ng, Spotify Head of Music, Asia.

“2023 Spotify Wrapped is all about celebrating the real, the realer and the realest listening moments that defined our year, and as we look ahead, we’re excited to continue in our efforts to foster the further discovery of the genre while deepening connections between artists and listeners.”

Here we have the 2023 Spotify Wrapped Global Top Mandopop Lists:

Global Top Mandopop Artistes of the Year, 2023

  1. Jay Chou
  2. JJ Lin
  3. Eason Chan
  4. Eric Chou
  5. G.E.M.
  6. Mayday
  7. 告五人
  8. Ronghao Li
  9. Zhang Zhehan
  10. Jolin Tsai

Global Top Mandopop Female Artistes of the Year, 2023

  1. G.E.M.
  2. Jolin Tsai
  3. Tanya Chua
  4. Stefanie Sun
  5. A-Mei Chang
  6. Fish Leong
  7. A-Lin
  8. Cyndi Wang
  9. Hebe Tien
  10. Karen Mok
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Global Top Mandopop Male Artistes of the Year, 2023

  1. Jay Chou
  2. JJ Lin
  3. Eason Chan
  4. Eric Chou
  5. Ronghao Li
  6. Zhang Zhehan
  7. 高爾宣 OSN
  8. Joker Xue
  9. WeiBird
  10. David Tao

Global Top Mandopop Groups of the Year, 2023

  1. Mayday 
  2. 告五人
  3. Bestards
  4. Sodagreen (oaeen)
  5. No Party For Cao Dong
  6. EggPlantEgg 
  7. S.H.E
  8. F.I.R.
  9. 831
  10. Power Station
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Global Top Mandopop Songs of the Year, 2023

  1. The Dark Plum Sauce by Ronghao Li
  2. Red Scarf by WeiBird
  3. Sunny Day by Jay Chou
  4. Step Aside by Jay Chou
  5. Remembered by Shi Shi
  6. Miss You 3000 by 831
  7. Lonely Warrior by Eason Chan
  8. Won’t Cry by Jay Chou
  9. How Have You Been? by Eric Chou
  10. Graduation by Eric Chou

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