Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s wedding: inside a joyful moment

The long-awaited wedding of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin finally took place today at the Aston House of the Grand Walkerhill Seoul hotel. From their wedding venue to the newlywed home, here we take look inside their joyful wedding on this memorable day

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin in the drama Crash Landing on You. Photo: tvN

Today might be the happiest day of 2022 to some K-drama fans as Crash Landing on You stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin have started a new chapter in life together. Today, the two leading actors officially tied the knot at 4 pm (KST).

Their relationship has exhilarated fans since 2018 when the two appeared in the same movie, Negotiation. Later in 2020, when the two starred in Netflix hit show Crash Landing on You there was a lot of expectations from fans that the two would become a couple in real life. To much jubilation, they did. The two was quickly nicknamed the “Ri-Ri couple” – derived from their characters’ names in the drama. They officially acknowledged their relationship in January 2021.

As this much-anticipated wedding has gained tremendous public attention locally and abroad, the couple has decided to keep the ceremony private. Here we share some highlights that we do know:

Wedding ceremony at Grand Walkerhill Seoul

Photo: Netflix

When it comes to celebrity weddings, fans are keen to learn about the bride’s dress, the wedding ring design, and the ceremony’s location. According to South Korean news outlet, Woman Chosun, the Ri-Ri couple decided to have an intimate outdoor wedding at the Grand Walkerhill Seoul, one of the most luxurious wedding spots in South Korea.

Grand Walkerhill Seoul is a favourite among famous stars. Winter Sonata star, Bae Yong-joon, former K-pop girl band Sugar member, Park Soo-jin, renowned actors Ji Sung, Lee Bo-young and the leading actress in the drama Alice, Kim Hee-sun, have all chosen this luxurious spot to celebrate their nuptials in the past.

The venue is located near Achasan Mountain, away from the city’s centre. It is popular for those wanting a highly customisable wedding with a small banquet. Woman Chosun said that the couple wanted a place that offers privacy and a quiet atmosphere. A place where they can still create special memories with their parents and about 100 acquaintances.

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Their newlywed home is the penthouse in Achiul Village

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin in the drama Crash Landing on You. Photo: tvN

In June 2020, Hyun Bin bought a property in Achiul Village. A 10 minute car ride away from the Grand Walkerhill Seoul. It is a 2,600 square feet penthouse designed with a rooftop garden that offers a very high level of privacy. Many fans at the time questioned whether the penthouse would become the Ri-Ri couple’s newlywed home. And they were right! According to EDaily, the two will move into the penthouse after the wedding.

Achiul Village is one of the most luxurious property developments in South Korea. It is also famous for having many celebrity residents. The Ri-Ri couple will soon become neighbours of Park Jin-young, CEO of JYP Entertainment, K-pop singer Jo Sung-mo, and actress Oh Yeon-seo.

The couple’s wedding box costs US$10,000

Son Ye-jin in the drama Thirty-Nine. Photo: JTBC

There are different wedding traditions in different cultures. In South Korea, gift-giving from the groom’s family to the bride’s side takes place before the wedding. The Koreans refer to this custom as hahm – meaning a box of gifts – which shows affection and the promise of marriage. Hahm often contains cosmetics, jewellery, and Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok.

According to Korea Economic Daily, Son’s mother purchased a wedding box that retails at US$10,000. It was purchased from a luxury handcraft brand in a department store in Daegu, the hometown of Son. Fans have fawned over the price of the wedding box and imagined the value of expensive jewellery inside the box.

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Special guests at the ceremony

Scene of the drama Crash Landing on You. Photo: tvN

At celebrity weddings, guests also receive plenty of attention. Since the couple is keeping the wedding ceremony low-key, people have been speculating about the guest list. According to Sports Donga, the screenwriter of Crash Landing on You, Park Ji-eun, will be at the ceremony. It makes their memorable day more special as the drama was the starting point of it all.

A Gentleman’s Dignity star Jang Dong-gun is said to deliver a congratulation message during the ceremony. Jang is known as Hyun Bin’s best friend for over 17 years. In addition, renowned ballad singers Gummy, Paul Kim and Kim Bum-soo performed at the wedding in celebration of a new chapter in the newlyweds’ life.

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