BTS to publish autobiography of first decade in music

K-pop sensations BTS is set to release a book looking at their first decade in music that has already topped the pre-order charts, thanks to Taylor Swift fans

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Titled Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS, the book is limited to only one million copies for its first run and hits shelves on July 9. It will be written by South Korean journalist Myeongseok Kang with the members themselves.

The tome is set to be a hefty one with 544 pages for the US edition, featuring a number of exclusive photographs of the band. Flatiron Books will be its publisher in the States, and the pop group’s label Big Hit Music will handle it in South Korea. An English translation will be available for international fans.

Even before the book was officially announced, it already hit the top of the pre-order charts on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, thanks to fans of Taylor Swift. Eagle-eyed fans of the singer-songwriter saw that Flatiron was set to release a non-fiction publication on July 9, a date mentioned by Swift in the lyrics of her song “Last Kiss”.

However, the release date is tied to something of significance to BTS. It is the date that the group officially gave its fanbase the “Army” moniker, making it known within BTS fan circles as “Army Day.”

Though some members of BTS are enlisting for their mandatory military service, the flow of content from the group is not drying up just yet.

The Bangtan Boys have solo documentaries, focused on J-Hope and Suga, going into cinemas worldwide on June 17. A documentary called BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star is also on its way to Disney Plus.

In addition, BTS dropped a new song called “The Planet” for the Korean animated series Bastion.

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