5 things to know about Mirror’s Keung To

Keung To, one of the most popular members of Hong Kong boyband Mirror, turns 24 on April 30. Here are some interesting factoids about the young pop sensation

He is a singing show veteran

Keung To received his big break by winning ViuTV’s reality talent competition Good Night Show – King Maker, which led to the formation of Mirror. He was contestant #99, the final of the 99 contestants selected but emerged as champion.

Prior to that, he had shown off his singing chops on Super Boy, a mainland Chinese singing show. However, he only made it to the top 30 of the competition.  

He has a history with McDonald’s

These days, people may know Keung To as an ambassador for McDonald’s, one of the many brands he has fronted for in multiple campaigns. However, his association with the fast food chain goes way back as he used to work for them! He had previously shared pictures from 2015 of him taking orders from behind the counter. Stars, they are just like us!

He used to be chubby

He may be a Canto-pop heartthrob now but in his teens, he was warned by doctors to watch out for heart disease as he tipped the scales at around 90 kg (200 pounds). He has also described being shunned and bullied by classmates for his heavy frame.

He eventually shed the weight by watching his diet and running every day. We are sure practising Mirror’s dance heavy routines have probably helped with keeping it off too.

He is looking to do more acting

Fans of Keung To have probably caught his appearances across a number of different TV productions, as well as his well-received silver screen debut in the Mama’s Affair movie last year. He has spoken about making a transition to acting as it is a “freer” life than that of a pop idol.

He wants to make Canto-pop great again

Keung To has received numerous awards for both his solo output and his work with Mirror. This includes being the youngest person to win the Favourite Male Singer and Favourite Song awards at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards.

But he is not content with just making waves on his home turf. He wants to bring Hong Kong music to audiences abroad. “Many people may question it, but I am confident to say Hong Kong music will become top in Asia,” he once said when accepting an award.

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