5 things to know about Jorin Khumpiraphan

Get to know Jorin Khumpiraphan of Thai girl group 4EVE

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Jorin Khumpiraphan, a member of the widely famous Thai girl group 4EVE, is a dancer, singer, and rapper with remarkable talents. Apart from her musical skills, there is still more to her than meets the eye. Today, #legend will help you get to know her better.

She enjoys sad songs

While Khumpiraphan’s dancing, singing, and rapping skills are connected to lively and entertaining music styles, she is actually big fan of sad songs. Khumpiraphan once shared that she has a playlist of sad songs longer than 2 hours and enjoys listening to it continuously.

Her passion for the film industry

Khumpiraphan has a strong passion for the film industry. Although her current focus is on music, one of her dreams is to work behind the scenes in the media and film industry. This is the reason why she decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Digital Media and Cinematic Art at Bangkok University.

A big fan of Japanese manga

Khumpiraphan has a love for manga. Her interest sparked from the well-known manga One Piece and extended to various ones such as Soul Eater, Black Clover, Demon Slayer, and many more. Recently, she even shared a picture on Instagram of herself cosplaying as the character Suguru Geto from the manga Jujutsu Kaisen, proving that she truly walks the walk as a fan of Japanese manga.

She is big on being out in nature

Growing up in Chiang Mai, Khumpiraphan has a deep appreciation for nature. Despite her stylish appearance on social media, she revealed that she genuinely loves being in the midst of nature. If given the opportunity to visit her hometown in Chiang Mai, her favourite activities to do would include hiking in the forest, waterfall trips, and mountain climbs.

The first idol in her life

It’s not surprising to hear that K-pop boy band GOT7, especially member Jackson Wang, has got many on the K-pop bug worldwide. Jorin Khumpiraphan is also one of them. She has gushed that Jackson Wang is her favourite person. Moreover, Khumpiraphan even had the chance to meet Jackson Wang on The Wall Song show by Workpoint Entertainment, which aired on July 2023.

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