5 facts about Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon that might surprise you

The lead dancer of the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon is an internationally known artist, choreographer, and DJ. As she turns 33 on September 22, we share five surprising facts about the dancing queen that you may not know

She feels insecure about sexy dances

Photo: SM Entertainment

Although known for her fantastic dance skills, Hyoyeon admits she wasn’t confident with all dance styles, especially when it’s on the sexy side. Hyoyeon prefers powerful and rhythmic choreography instead of soft and sensual ones.

The reason is simple: Hyoyeon trained with boys instead of girls during her trainee days. Due to her talent and powerful energy, her agency SM Entertainment decided to let her join men’s dance classes instead of women’s, which contributed significantly to how Hyoyeon found her dancing style.

She loves playing golf

Photo: @hyoyeon_x_x | Instagram

If you visit Hyoyeon’s Instagram profile often, you’ll find plenty of photos of her on the green. The dancing queen is also a diehard golf fan, often spending her holidays on the golf course. Her fellow Girl’s Generation members Yuri and Sooyoung have been known to join her on golf dates. Hyoyeon’s love for the sport hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry; she endorses the French golf clothing brand Le Coq Golf with Yuri.

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She raised three dogs

Photo: @hyoyeon_x_x | Instagram

A dog lover, Hyoyeon is devoted to her three dogs: Barbara, Venus and Bailey. The trio of poodles helped Hyoyeon get through her most challenging times. Unfortunately, Barbara has passed away.

Even so, Hyoyeon still remembers and cherishes all her puppies, as she made an Instagram account named @barbara_venus_ to share the daily moments of her two dogs. In addition, she often brings Bailey to work and practice.

She’s prone to making funny mistakes

Photo: SM Entertainment

Known for being quirky and blunt, Hyoyeon often makes verbal mistakes on different variety shows. Some classic examples are saying My Love from the Star as My Love from the Night and Brian McKnight as Brian McMorning.

Hyoyeon explains the reason behind all the slip-ups; being short-tempered, she always feels impatient and wants to share what’s on her mind as soon as possible before organising her thoughts. Her silly mishaps brought plenty of laughter to audiences.

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Photo: SM Entertainment

MBTI is an all-time hot topic among Koreans; Hyoyeon reveals she is an ISTJ, a logistician. This type of person is said to pride themselves on integrity and can commit themselves to doing things.

Surprisingly, even though Hyoyeon looks outgoing, she is pretty shy in her private life. Her fellow group member Sooyoung shared that while Hyoyeon is talkative during group activities, she tends to talk less and act timid when unfamiliar people are around her.

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