Highlights at Art Central to help you ease into an artsy weekend

Art Central continues to waw the Hong Kong crowd with an ambitious programme of painting, sculpture and installation projects

Art Central is open for business. Photo: Art Central

The annual fair, known to be an important incubator for artists and galleries in the contemporary art space in Asia, returns to present younger artists alongside established names. Featuring 52 Galleries presentations in three sectors: Chung Dim Central Galleries, Gwo Wai Curated Booths and Duk Dak Solo Presentations, all the while accompanied by a varied programme of performance and video art, installations and talks.

Highlights this year include:

Chung Dim Central Galleries

Chung Dim Central Galleries represents leading artists from across the globe and affirm the Fair’s position at the centre of Asia’s market for contemporary art. Thirty-eight galleries were selected to join this sector in 2022.

  • Lee & Bae (Busan) (A6) showcases the work of three established Korean artists: Jinwook Yeom, Seungtaik Jang and Seontae Hwang. The presentation includes works from Yeom’s acclaimed ‘Memory of Mountain’ series of paintings, hung alongside minimal and conceptual explorations of colour, opacity, and superposition by Seungtaik Jang. Hwang’s etched and printed lightboxes create three-dimensional spaces which elicit tactile responses to comfort, temperature, and time. 
  • Whitestone Gallery (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Karuizawa, Taipei) (B9) returns with a group exhibition of leading young artists from Japan and emerging artists from China, alongside works by post-war avant-garde artists Shinoda Toko and Yayanagi Go, both having developed idiosyncratic styles of global influence.  
  • Jason Shin (Seoul) (A30) presents Huseyin Sami (Australia) and Eunjeong Choi (South Korea). Sami’s deconstructed sculptural paintings reveal a truly unique and conceptual approach to painting. Choi’s wild, illusionary paintings create cityscapes with kaleidoscopic forms.
  • JPS (Hong Kong) (B1) in addition to a special project by Afa Annfa the gallery presents exquisite, flamboyant drawings by Adam Linn (USA), alongside Hong Kong artists Elaine Chiu and b.wing, amongst others.
  • Novalis Art Design (Hong Kong) (A2) presents a showcase of Programmed and Kinetic Art, looking back to avant-garde art movements from the 1960s and 70s: Marina Apollonio (Italy), Herman De Vries (The Netherlands), Yvaral (France), Marcello Morandini (Italy) and Horacio García Rossi (Argentina). 

Duk Dak Solo Presentations

From the Cantonese phrase meaning “individually special” Duk Dak Solo Presentations feature both emerging and established artists. A record of twelve solo booths in 2022.

  • Contemporary by Angela Li (Hong Kong) (B14) unveils a new collection of paintings by local artist Wong Sze Wai. A heralded, emerging talent among the next generation of Hong Kong artists, Wong’s artworks address the loss of memories and the process of recollection through inscription and erasure.
  • Double Q Gallery (Hong Kong) (B12) presents a solo exhibition of acclaimed, late Hungarian artist Gizella Rákóczy. A central figure in Hungarian and international geometric art, Rákóczy’s artworks are deduced by mathematical laws, which lead to an outcome of speculative knowledge exuding the charm of rational aesthetic.
  • Galerie Zink (Waldkirchen) (B10) presents new paintings by Gregory Forstner. The artist is known for paintings that capture human nature with expressive brush strokes and bold colours.

Gwo Wai Curated Booths

A platform for innovative projects of up to three artists, “Gwo Wai” is a term from Cantonese opera which describes the movement of performers crossing paths on the stage. Five curated booths in 2022.

  • Square Street Gallery (Hong Kong) (B24) presents a Gwo Wai Curated Booth by Hong Kong-based artist Lousy.
  • Soluna Fine Art (Hong Kong) (B5) showcases the works of three contemporary artists from South Korea: Kim Young-Hun, Kim Sun-Doo, Lee Kyou-Hong and Song Kwangik, demonstrating a diversity of aesthetic approaches – from traditional Korean landscape painting to Dansaekhwa, minimal mixed media work and contemporary abstract painting.
  • First-time exhibitor Mwimbi Fine Art (Lusaka) (A8) presents artists Lee du Ploy (Hong Kong) and David Makala (Zambia) with works that explore themes of race, power, traditions, place and identity.

A special feature for Art Central 2022, Made In Hong Kong, presents artistic creations of Hong Kong-based independent artists and visual practitioners. Of the over 650 individual artwork applications received, 65 works by 40 artists were selected to be exhibited. The exhibition celebrates the diversity of Hong Kong-based artists and artworks created locally.

Gok Dou LIVE follows up on last year’s success. Photo: Art Central

The Fair’s public programme of talks, performance and video art, Gok Dou LIVE organised by Asia Society Hong Kong Center. The programme continues throughout the week and is available to view online here.

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