Chow Tai Fook: Jewel collections for festive cheer

Chow Tai Fook welcomes the festive season with a dazzling selection of jewels

Chow Tai Fook “Lodestar” Collection group shot

The holidays are a time for celebrating and expressing gratitude for another year filled with precious moments with our loved ones. Whether you’re dressing up for a festive occasion with family and friends, or looking to surprise a special someone with a heartfelt gift, Chow Tai Fook has just the thing to add a little – or a lot – of sparkle. From the enchanting “Lodestar” and “LIT” collections to the playful and magical Disney Classics Collection, this year’s festive offerings are sure to delight and dazzle.

18K white gold diamond pendant

Inspired by the everlasting guiding star since ancient times, the “Lodestar” Collection leads those who wear it in the direction of their goals. It instils the courage to pursue a brilliant life, and unleashes one’s confidence and unique beauty. Drawing reference from the ethereal starburst and shooting stars, the collection introduces a five-pointed star motif as a symbol of determination and protection.

From left: “LIT” Collection ripple and leaf pure gold necklace, sky and sea ripple charm, ripple and leaf pure gold ring, and ripple and leaf pure gold bracelet

Crafted in 18K white gold and T MARK diamonds, the exquisite earrings and pendants reveal a burst of light through the sleek and angular silhouette of the five-pointed star. Select pendants can also be worn in multiple ways, echoing the infinite possibilities in life that will eventually guide us toward success and happiness. Also including a bangle and ring, the “Lodestar” diamond jewellery pieces make for perfect gifts this festive season as they remind our loved ones to stride towards their dreams with unwavering determination and celebrate their exceptional glow.

In another invitation to make a fresh start and pursue our dreams, the “LIT” Collection challenges the conventional thinking of gold jewellery. The nature-inspired collection reinterprets classic gold pieces with indigo and peacock green colours taken from the sky and sea, presenting modern designs with a natural twist. The pure gold creations reveal a vibrant palette while the exquisite ripple pattern using gold polishing and enamelling techniques perfectly highlights the refined textures of the precious metal. A sophisticated and natural choice for the season, “LIT” is sure to light up every party look.

Disney Classics Collection

Of course, the holiday season is all about magic – a little something our friends at Disney know all about. This year, the Chow Tai Fook Disney Classics Collection presents Mickey, Minnie and Stitch in cute Christmas costumes, surprising fans with fabulous collectibles with exquisite details. While Mickey and Minnie don a Christmas hat, accompanied by a sparkling Christmas stocking and bauble, Stitch sports a pair of Christmas tree glasses to heighten the cheerful mood. Whether you’re a Disney lover yourself or know someone who is, these playful gold and silver charms definitely belong on the holiday wish list.

Let Chow Tai Fook help you create warm, sparkling and fun-filled memories this holiday season, together with family, friends and all those you love and cherish.

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