Chinese New Year 2024 #giveaway – Rosewood HK’s Imperial Dragon and Pearl gift box and Chinese New Year candy box

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Rosewood Hong Kong is welcoming the Year of the Dragon by presenting their limited edition ‘Imperial Dragon and Pearl’ gift set, featuring a mini candy box and an upcycled portable lamp. The gift set captures the essence of the dragon playing with a pearl which symbolises happiness, auspiciousness, and longevity. An artistic tribute to the journey towards a fulfilling and prosperous future.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, they have also partnered with a local design studio called Editecture to breathe new life into used glass bottles and linen from the hotel, transforming them into elegant portable lamps to give them a second life. Each eco-friendly gift box is meticulously crafted from FSC-certified papers and soy ink.

The Imperial Dragon and Pearl Gift Box (HK$1,888) features 20 red pockets (two packs) and a selection of delightful snacks, including Red Melon Seeds, Black Melon Seeds, Sweetened Dried Lotus Seeds, Red Date with Walnut, Sesame Cookies, Crispy Pastry Dumplings, Mini Walnut Crisps, and Nut Crisps.

Meanwhile, you can also share the Dragon spirit with your beloved with the Chinese New Year candy box (HK$588), which offers a plentiful selection of traditional Chinese New Year treats to welcome visiting friends and families.

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