Capella Hotel fuses luxury and art in 2024 across its properties

The Capella Hotel Group ushers in the Lunar New Year with a series of artisan-led celebrations across its global properties, each weaving a unique cultural story in 2024’s Year of the Dragon

The ancient art of caligraphy at Capella Hotel Group

Andy Yeo, a revered traditional art restorer, is at the heart of the festivities from February 11 to 16 in Singapore. Yeo’s lantern-making workshop at Capella Singapore becomes more than an artistic showcase with its vivid narrative of Singapore’s cultural tapestry.

With a deep passion for Chinese culture, his meticulous reverence for each brushstroke is reflected in each lantern, connecting the viewer to the intricate stories and traditions embedded in Chinese heritage. This workshop of lantern painting is a journey through time, encapsulating the spirit of renewal and cultural richness that the Lunar New Year symbolises.

Capella Singapore is known in recent years as the hotel property that hosted former US President Barack Obama during his visit in 2018. The hotel features luxurious accommodations from rooms and suites to villas and manors.

While in the lush tranquillity of Bali, Capella Ubud introduces Gusti Ngurah Udianata, a master of bamboo sculpture. His creations are a testament to Bali’s spiritual and daily life. Udianata’s deep understanding of bamboo’s natural patterns enables him to craft intricate designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant. Each piece narrates stories of Balinese ceremonies and festivals, offering guests a glimpse into the island’s rich artistic heritage. The dragon lantern-making activity will be available from February 9 to 11.

Capella Ubud’s one-bedroom Keliki Valley tents have large outdoor decks, indoor and outdoor bathrooms and unspoilt views. All have outdoor dining areas, oversized daybeds and private salt-water pools.

Adding to the global celebration, Capella Tufu Bay on Hainan Island off Sanya, Mainland China, showcases the talents of Dundun, a self-taught craftsman and chef artist. Each of Dundun’s creations is a homage to Chinese history and culture, turning meals into narratives that enchant guests with their beauty and storytelling. Dundun will guide guests on a captivating journey of embellishing dragons on traditional lanterns.

Chairman’s Penthouse is a two-bedroom abode that boasts an oversized balcony overlooking Hainan Island’s stunning Blessed Bay.

Under the expert guidance of the master artisan, participants will hone their skills and precision, delving into the intricate details that define this age-old craft. This hands-on experience offers guests a unique opportunity to not only learn the artistry behind lantern making but also to personally infuse their creations with delicate and meaningful embellishments.

Capella Shanghai’s Shikumen Grand Villas are recreations of an exclusive 1930s communal living experience with an elegant blend of French-inspired furniture and elements of intricate Chinoiserie. 

Capella Shanghai, in the heart of the culturally rich Xuhui District, is set to celebrate the Lunar New Year with an array of enchanting ‘Capella Moments’ and curated experiences. The festivities begin with a cultural immersion where guests can pen down blessings in the traditional “Fú” character, guided by Capella Culturists. Adding to the celebration is the ‘Bike & Bite’ experience, offering an intimate glimpse into local life through a bicycle tour of Shanghai’s cultural landmarks, visiting a temple and experiencing the new year festivities, signifying the start of the Year of the Dragon.

Tea making has been elevated to an ancient art form.

In Australia, Capella Sydney immerses guests in Lunar New Year traditions. From the vibrant eye-dotting ceremony to the serene tea master’s ceremony and the eloquent strokes of calligraphy which will depict traditional blessings, each element adds an authentic touch to the celebrations, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary luxury.

Capella Sydney highlights the intricate craftsmanship of the original building with masterfully crafted guestrooms and suites that exude luxury, showcasing delectable walnuts, natural stones and deluxe textiles wrapped by the historic façade.

Complementing the diverse celebrations at Capella properties, Patina Maldives ushers in the Year of the Dragon with an array of enchanting activities from February 9 to 16. The resort’s Lunar New Year celebration is a blend of tradition and island charm, featuring vibrant lion dances, an exclusive calligraphy workshop, and the exhilarating Dragon Boat Race.

Capella’s Patina Maldives one-bedroom pool villas come with a spacious outdoor deck and a private 6.2m pool.

Families can engage in various activities, including lantern making, dumpling crafting, and dragon kayak racing, culminating in a festive dragon parade. These offerings at Patina Maldives epitomise the group’s dedication to creating immersive cultural experiences in every destination. Staying at this property means having access to complimentary amenities such as unlimited access to The Fari Beach Club and Footprint (kids club) as well as facilities at adjacent island resorts; having usage of bikes, snorkelling sets, stand-up paddleboards and kayaks; and daily ice-cream for those who fancy it (emphasis on the ‘daily’).

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