Photo shoot: Perfectly Imperfect – Spring/Summer 2020

Everyone wants to be perfect. What even is perfection, anyways? 

Model in Gucci black patent choker, nude and black lace dress, red patent gloves and leather whip

Flawless skin, immaculate eyebrows, ideal physique and the trendiest styles. Say you have it all – would you ever believe that you are “perfect”? It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, noticing weaknesses and amplifying them. But we really don’t have a need to subjugate our self-worth; perfection is frankly an unattainable ambition and ego.

Humanity should learn to embrace its imperfections. Accept who you are as a whole. Appreciate the top qualities of yours and stop focusing on your flaws. The one cool thing about being human is that everyone is unique and flawed in their own way. It’s pointless to strive to transform yourself into someone you’re not. Letting go of seeing yourself as inadequate is super-liberating. Your confidence ultimately depends on your own will. Embody the wholeness of your entire living being and stop picking on yourself. We’re all beautiful in our own ways. Rock those bushy eyebrows if you want to. Wear that plus-size crop top. 2020 is all about appreciating individuality. 

Text / Minnie Wong
Photography / Leung Mo
Videography / Chow
Styling / Nieki Chan
Hair / Kolen But
Make-Up / San Chan from Zing the Makeup School
Models / Tanya K from Liberté Model Management, Clarita from Sun Esee and Jessica Clement

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